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Thursday, December 6, 2007

# 30 Talkers Thought's On Qigong

Seems that the more I read and study various disciplines, the more aware I become of, that which I do not know. As I curiously ventured into what is called Qigong, the more it became a vast area of "I know nothing or very little about Qigong". Am amazing process, that is older it seems, than any religion. Yet it is not a religion, at least from what I am reading about it.
So at this point, here are my views on "what is qigong practice on and about".

At 23:00 h, yang energy starts to increase, due to changes of activity deep inside the earth, caused by the sun during the day.

On a full moon night, ones qi and blood circulate more vigorously.

That there is a best hour in a day, a best day in a month,
there are best times in a year, for maximum qi energy flow.

Qi energy possess"thoughts", chooses "direction", controls degree of "power", "knows" the right time to cooperate
and when to retreat.

Qigong has "thinking" ability, has ability to control the "self",
and has "adjusting " ability.

Emotions affect movement of qi energy.

Persistent qigong practice has an accumulative effect
and stores within one.

Stored qigong energy keeps the immune system tuned naturally.

Qigong practice energy "wakes up" organs in the body.

Certain herbal formulas, adjusted to ones needs, enhance qi energy flow.

Unless stored qi energy is at maximum, qi energy alone does not
necessarily unblock, energy blockages.

Certain herbal formulas properly used, allows ones qi energy, to harmoniously work with the herbal energy to correct blockage and allow rejuvenation of targeted organs to proceed.

Qi energy can alter DNA and RNA's molecular structure.

Qigong can affect microorganisms genetic make up, and even kill germs.

Qi energy can contain material similar to ultraviolet, gamma, and beta rays.

Qigong focuses on the relationship between the
inner body and the outer world.

Primary qi at its ultimate, can transcend worldly
needs, such as food and water.

Qigong practice is not just performing the physical movements, but also reaching the heart and mind levels, to produce desired harmony.

Certain physical locations will accumulate a charge, build, and
"sustain" an "energy field", be it is a spot, room, or place.

Performing qigong in these "charged" places, which can be felt by some, allows one to reach higher states of energy levels.

Qigong practice can an enhance psychic awareness.

Third eye opening can take place, beyond what is called sixth sense.

Qigong is easy to practice on the one hand, but on the other hand, difficult to truly comprehend.

Doing qigong practice is not necessarily the same as, doing qigong using spirit, soul and body.

Doing the movements only, is not the same as qigong practice.

Some of the above, I've experienced. Not all, and not all has yet been verified as being accurate and true. To what degree one is even able to ascertain validity, is another aspect to ponder. The scope and magnitude of what has been ascribed to qigong practice is almost beyond belief, at any level of awareness. Only at this date and time is some mind boggling concepts written above, are supposedly being verified as "true". As I read the dates that reflect time in years and what I'm reading about today, I am in awe that this knowledge was known and written about 5000 years ago, and I've only touched the tip of what was written at that time. Do need to allow more qigong practice to take place.

12/10/2007 PS:
Did a follow-up on the comment posted. Check it out for further thoughts of others and my comment there.