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Monday, February 18, 2008

# 32 What! Angels Talking To Me!

What ! Angels Talking To Me!
For starters lets clarify some meanings:
WordNet Dictionary
Definition: [n] the relation that exists when things occur at the same time.
[and sayings I've read about]
When the student is ready... the lesson appears.
(and another)
When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

So what is this all about! Had an unusual dream about the book "Our Ultimate Reality", In this dream I was reading some directory files. While I do see printed material in dreams, never have been able to actually read those entries, until last night! This all was so real that it woke me up from dreaming.
[Was more to the dream, not detailed here.]
But the gist of the dream was "I was able to actually read the files in the dream". Even more to my surprise, "I was aware in the dream, that I never before was able to read text in a dream". So while in my sleep, and dreaming, AND reading the text, certain questions came to mind. So I contacted the books author, with the questions from my dream. Now the good part. The author stated that "yes, what I had asked, was indeed, a matter he had, had under consideration for a possible future project".
Now I'm left with a "what is this all about, reading text in a dream, contacting the books author about it, and it being a valid situation, from a person that I've never met, but whose interesting books I've read."
Why I ask myself, did this happen, but no answers were popping up. A few days later, I'm doing an online search for another project, and below the topic I was ready to click open, was an offer for some free ebooks within the scope of my interests. A dozen ebooks were listed.
I spot one free offer of "What Happens When You Talk To Angels".
Only recently have I given any thought to Angels, due the recent passing of my son, and my intense desire to make contact with him. So I click the title open, and quickly see the text that gives me my "AHAA', about what may be taking place.

[With permission from the author, Debby Taylor ]
"Each of us is born with an internal guidance system. Some refer to it as intuition, instinct or sixth sense. Perhaps input comes through a flash of insight, through a hunch, through an image that appears on the screen of your mind during silent contemplation, meditation, or through a dream. Your inner guidance system also includes the capacity for spiritual listening that can yield a dialogue between you and friends in non-physical realms. This two-way exchange of information can be with any of God’s conversationalists, including guardian angels, your soul, deceased relatives or friends, and other spiritual mentors from Beyond. It is intrinsically human to receive guidance from heavenly friends that love and support you."
"What is it actually like to receive verbal communication from an angel? Despite the universality of the aptitude to listen spiritually, the particulars of reception can vary from person to person. You might hear words that enter your mind like a subtle, fleeting thought. Initially, a message could be so subtle that you might not be able to distinguish it from your own mind. Some people experience angel messages in a steady stream similar to prose, or similar to a lecture from a scholar. Some people get sentence fragments. You might hear a message while simultaneously seeing an image on the screen of your mind. A written message might move in a line across the screen of your mind like words on a computer screen saver. Some receive a feeling similar to a flash of insight, a gut feeling or a hunch. In a subsequent chapter, I further delineate experiences that are common in the beginning stages of spiritual listening (Experiences Which Are Common Among Beginners).
Occasionally, I have heard a person say he heard his name called when no one else was physically present."
"In the previous chapter, I suggested that messages are perceived in a variety of ways. Perception comes through psychic senses. Sometimes, two or three psychic senses converge simultaneously. You might hear a message while a visual image is presented on the screen of your mind. A written message might be delivered like words streaming across a computer screen saver. You might receive a clear flash of insight, a gut feeling or a vague hunch, alone or with other senses." [this is only part of the original book, check out the site below]

So now here we have synchronicity in full action, I love it, seeing it happen like this, along with "When the student is ready... the lesson appears." Nothing I could say, would truly reflect that joy which I'm feeling now, knowing that my study of one Spiritual evolution book and a free ebook on Angels, appearing in my life at this time, leading me to thank that Angels patience with me, and guiding me gently through the maze of my sorrow, to a greater understanding of God, life, death and Angels.

Thank you Debby Taylor and Adrian Cooper for the excellent material.

[Debby Taylor's free ebook on Angels ]
[Debby Taylor site]

[Adrian Coopers site]
After receiving countless requests, I am absolutely delighted to announce the availability of my book, Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind in paperback format. I would just like to mention that the paperback can be ordered from directly from the home page of my site:
And full details of the book are available as usual at:

Monday, January 7, 2008

# 31 Psychic Feeling Tones and The Talker

Have been asked what are the "feeling tones" you mention?
So what are the "feeling tones", I mention, here in my blogs! Hard to describe what words fail to convey. Psychic action is where it all starts. At a certain point of reawakening latent psychic talent through meditation, reading, and the doing, certain weak or strong points will manifest. Going to deliberately avoid the usual terms or descriptions used to describe psychic activity. We all have psychic abilities, period. Regardless if you believe it or not. (see the posts listed) With some, the strong points will show as a: seeing, feeling, or hearing. Weak points can be a mix of all three giving a confusing situation. Here is where I run into a problem finding the words to describe how I know a psychic something is starting to taking place. How in the world can you describe "seeing a feeling", or "hearing a seeing" and even more awkward "sensing a seeing - hearing and feeling" all at the same time!
So in that I'm not an advanced psychic in that sense of the word, I simply call the admixture "feeling tones". No flashing neon signs, no crystal clear voices like a radio, no television screen showing a specific scene. The closest I can get to describing it is : a tapestry like feeling, a multi-colored seeing of it, sensing of an out of place cloudiness in the tapestry. My focus will be on the cloudiness, as that segment is what appears out of tune, with the rest of what is being felt at that moment. Nothing at all like one watches on television. Once focus is in the cloudiness portion of the (tapestry), other feelings tones will come up that one still has to clarify.
Many clarifications are accurate, some are complete misses perhaps due to my interpretation of that feeling. Anyway, regardless of what any may call it, hunches, intuition, or guessing, some thing is/ has taken place beyond the norm.
My trigger point is a very brief momentary sharpening of awareness, that warns me that something is about to take place. So I choose to simply call the whole confusing situation "feeling tones".
Aggravating is not being able to readily invoke that "feeling tone". Even more aggravating was a "no warning at all" during a serious incident that took place in our home, on the first floor, while I was in the basement doing laundry. Do believe I understand the "why and how" of it now, but will leave the telling for another time.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

# 30 Talkers Thought's On Qigong

Seems that the more I read and study various disciplines, the more aware I become of, that which I do not know. As I curiously ventured into what is called Qigong, the more it became a vast area of "I know nothing or very little about Qigong". Am amazing process, that is older it seems, than any religion. Yet it is not a religion, at least from what I am reading about it.
So at this point, here are my views on "what is qigong practice on and about".

At 23:00 h, yang energy starts to increase, due to changes of activity deep inside the earth, caused by the sun during the day.

On a full moon night, ones qi and blood circulate more vigorously.

That there is a best hour in a day, a best day in a month,
there are best times in a year, for maximum qi energy flow.

Qi energy possess"thoughts", chooses "direction", controls degree of "power", "knows" the right time to cooperate
and when to retreat.

Qigong has "thinking" ability, has ability to control the "self",
and has "adjusting " ability.

Emotions affect movement of qi energy.

Persistent qigong practice has an accumulative effect
and stores within one.

Stored qigong energy keeps the immune system tuned naturally.

Qigong practice energy "wakes up" organs in the body.

Certain herbal formulas, adjusted to ones needs, enhance qi energy flow.

Unless stored qi energy is at maximum, qi energy alone does not
necessarily unblock, energy blockages.

Certain herbal formulas properly used, allows ones qi energy, to harmoniously work with the herbal energy to correct blockage and allow rejuvenation of targeted organs to proceed.

Qi energy can alter DNA and RNA's molecular structure.

Qigong can affect microorganisms genetic make up, and even kill germs.

Qi energy can contain material similar to ultraviolet, gamma, and beta rays.

Qigong focuses on the relationship between the
inner body and the outer world.

Primary qi at its ultimate, can transcend worldly
needs, such as food and water.

Qigong practice is not just performing the physical movements, but also reaching the heart and mind levels, to produce desired harmony.

Certain physical locations will accumulate a charge, build, and
"sustain" an "energy field", be it is a spot, room, or place.

Performing qigong in these "charged" places, which can be felt by some, allows one to reach higher states of energy levels.

Qigong practice can an enhance psychic awareness.

Third eye opening can take place, beyond what is called sixth sense.

Qigong is easy to practice on the one hand, but on the other hand, difficult to truly comprehend.

Doing qigong practice is not necessarily the same as, doing qigong using spirit, soul and body.

Doing the movements only, is not the same as qigong practice.

Some of the above, I've experienced. Not all, and not all has yet been verified as being accurate and true. To what degree one is even able to ascertain validity, is another aspect to ponder. The scope and magnitude of what has been ascribed to qigong practice is almost beyond belief, at any level of awareness. Only at this date and time is some mind boggling concepts written above, are supposedly being verified as "true". As I read the dates that reflect time in years and what I'm reading about today, I am in awe that this knowledge was known and written about 5000 years ago, and I've only touched the tip of what was written at that time. Do need to allow more qigong practice to take place.

12/10/2007 PS:
Did a follow-up on the comment posted. Check it out for further thoughts of others and my comment there.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

# 29 Who Is That In The Mirror!

Once upon a time, so far back, it seems it may have been another lifetime. But no, it was that period of time, I had become aware of hypnosis, scrying, and other little variances, I read about. So being of a curious mind, did do various experiments, that in that time slot, were considered, some what weird in nature. The word psychic just never entered normal conversation.
Back in those days, prior to the Web, one either heard, or read about those, weird by nature things. Did accumulate a bunch of added Hail Marys and Our Fathers, to say/pray, when in the confessional, and I would wake up the priest hearing my confession from his reverie, by what was being confessed. Oh lordy, would he be be jumping in the confessional, if it were done today.

Don't actually recall the precise author of what triggered my curiosity at the time, but off I went. Some thing to do with past lives and how to see those past life faces. Will only do a rough outline, on what I did, setup wise. OK, seems a darkened room was a requisite, and naturally a mirror large enough to view ones head in the reflection. So various methods of small lamps, no lamps, votive size candles, reflected light, ambient light and so on. Now if you think it feels crazy trying those things, consider what ones family is thinking, while your off in a corner doing the woo-woo thing. Hypnosis at that time, was always about deep trance, eyes closed. So that was out. Needed eyes open, for what I wanted to do. So light trance, or what is now called the deep relaxed state, entered the experiment. Keep in mind that this was all trial and error. Many were the times I would bust out laughing at what I was trying and doing. Of course this was spread out over many weeks of experimentation, on an, on/off cycle. Some time periods were 30 or so minutes. Other periods would slip into an hour or more. Had absolutely no idea of what to expect or what the heck I was supposed to "see". Don't recall the total length of months involved, doing this silly thing, but believe it was at least two months. Once the light and props seemed right, came the very boring part. Sit and look at the reflection in the mirror. Could only do it a few minutes at a time at first. Now force myself to gaze for a longer period of time. Well, the forcing only caused a stress energy, so had to relax more and sneak in a longer gazing session. Many times it would have been easy to just forget it all, and just quit. Than one session, I had a " oops, what was that ". Imagination of course, I said. Nothing more for a few sessions, and than " pow ". It did get interesting. Am I going to say more about it, nope, don't want to influence you in any way. Get you're own "oops" experience.
Did get curious on what the Web might show these days.
So did a brief roam. Couple of them were:

Monday, October 1, 2007

# 28 Improve Psychic Intuition With EFT

Have posted articles on using EFT ( Razors Edge #'s -42 - 44 - 61 - 64, and The Healers Blog # 15 ) to better your life. Am a great fan of EFT, and use it often to help maintain daily mental equilibrium. Amazing ways to use EFT, show up on a regular basis, at Gary's EFT site. Some are, at first thought, totally unbelievable. Yet, its does work in crazy, nutty situations, with wonderful results. Try it on and for everything, has become the theme of many users. You can, at that site , download a free tutorial on how to use EFT. Use of EFT, can be serious, fun, silly, depending on ones attitude, while using it.
See a YouTube intro to EFT
What are you waiting for, go get your free manual, now.
Do come back and comment, here, on how it has helped you.
EFT for eliminating barriers to our psychic abilities (and intuition)
Hi Everyone,
Here is a MEGA-important article by Deborah Lindsey that should help improve your EFT intuitive abilities. While it emphasizes psychic abilities, it is no stretch whatsoever to see how intuition can be enhanced in the same way. Consistent use of this idea should elevate the results of many EFT'ers from so-so to superb.
Hugs, Gary
By Deborah Lindsey
Dear Gary,
I just wanted to tell you about a fun session I had recently that I think would fit under the title of “performance enhancement.”
I received an email from a fellow practitioner asking me if I would work with him regarding his psychic abilities. As a healer, he felt like he had difficulty tuning into to his clients the way others did. It was an intriguing opportunity so we set up a time to meet.
Now I have to preface this by saying that I own an alternative health care and educational center and I have lots of tools in my belt. While I was drawn to using EFT for this particular issue, I wasn’t sure that that was the way to go simply because my client is also a trained practitioner and I was fairly certain that he had already worked on it at home.
Anyway, when he arrived we discussed our options and I said that I really thought EFT was the way to go on this. He agreed but wanted to try something else first. (“Can’t you do something that will open my third eye or something.”)
So, we started by getting a baseline. We chose a fairly straightforward test where we would use three flash cards. I would hold them up so that he couldn’t see what they were, then project an image to him, and he would write down which one he thought it was. So, on our first try it was pretty clear why he had sought me out as he was only correct on 2 out of 10 times.
So then we decided to open his third eye and see if that would make any difference. So, using another protocol, we set out to do just this. When everything was open, we tested again and were chagrined to see that we had made little to no headway. This time he got 3 out of 10, which wasn’t a significant enough result to think that we had really made any change. So, we decided to try EFT.
Even though I feel so much pressure…
Even though I’m afraid I’ll get it wrong…
Even though I don’t think I know the answer…
After a few rounds, we did our little test again, but to no avail. He was still at a 2 out of 10 for correct answers. This, of course, called for more tapping and this is a general sample of the topics we covered.
Even though I feel like I’m behind and I can’t catch up…
Even though I feel like I missed something…
Even though I’m afraid of failing…
Even though I don’t think I can do this…
Even though I’m not as good as those other people…
And then we sort of stumbled on what I think was the big kicker for him:
Even though my left brain is clogged…
It was a funny statement, but it seemed like it woke up something in the left brain and there was a clear change. So, we tried the test again only this time with drastically different results. This time he got 7 out of 10! It was amazing. He went from a baseline of 20% and jumped to 70% in just a few minutes.
This, however, caused lots of worry and pressure that it might be an anomaly and that he just got lucky. What if we did it again and he went back to a 2 or 3? He wouldn’t be able to take the disappointment. So, we decided to tap on that.
Even though I’m afraid that it was a freak accident…
Even though I’m afraid to believe in myself…
Even though this can’t be true…
And then we tested again. Interestingly, he maintained a very high result of 5 out of 10, still significantly higher than the earlier results but not the slam-dunk that was hoped for. So even though time was running short, we did one more round on Even though my left brain in clogged… and tested again. Amazingly, he got 7 out of 10 again. We were both flabbergasted and very pleased.
Overall, I’d say he went from a fairly consistently 20% accuracy to a fairly consistent 70% accuracy in less than an hour. That's a tripled improvement! So, it looks like this is proof positive that EFT works on eliminating those barriers to our psychic abilities, and isn’t that something we can all benefit from!
Thanks for listening!
Deborah Lindsey

Friday, September 14, 2007

# 27 The American Monk & Talker's Babbler

Yo Talker, it's me Babbler, got a few minutes for me? OK, Babbler, few minutes for what! Did you see Burt Goldman's material being offered, Babbler asks . Yes, I did, is my reply. Well, say some thing about it, comes back Babbler's voice. Well, as mentioned in another post, I had trained with Burt, decades ago. Part of the Silva seminars at that time. Did read on an Amazon comment, that Burt's material in a recently published book ( 2003 ) The Power of Self Mind Control
( ISBN 0-9724014-7-4 ) , is ancient and rehashed material. Maybe we should forget about the teachings of Jesus, Allah, and the Buddha! ( did I get that right! ) Have read Burt's book, and it is a neat review of many exercises, that were taught at the sessions. Yes, in light of all the super hype and fancy advertisements, one could say " ancient " material, but consider now, just " who " is now doing the rehash bit, to give a new look to " ancient teachings "! Read all you want on psychic training, if you don't focus on the basics and "practice, practice, and more practice ", it is an iffy situation. Special music for brain entrainment, is what is new, and useful, but the music used alone, gives a new tool, without directions on how to properly use it, in your new skill. Anyway, be sure to check out the link below. Do come back and post a comment on your experience with it.

The American Monk intends to raise the consciousness of 1 million people and to help create a turning point on this planet - a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics. We're giving away $100 worth of training online for free. Share them with your friends and family and together we'll touch and transform 1 million lives

Sunday, September 9, 2007

# 26 What? Never Experienced a Reading: Why!

Please note: This free offering is subject to withdrawal, with out notice, at any time, due to time or schedule conflicts, as of, 9/12/2007. More at bottom of post.

Well now, what do we have here!
Oh, that's you Babbler, making all that noise. What trouble you up to today? Miffed, Babbler says " Why are calling me a trouble maker, and why sneak by me, hurt my feelings, and get a free psychic reading, without my input!". " Well, you sure are in snit aren't you ", I reply. " Lets get this straight Babbler, I'm your boss, got it! " With some respect in the tonal voice Babbler replies, " Sorry. Would you please, clue me in then ". " That's more like it, " I reply. OK, recall if you will, my prior post on visits to a few " readers ", at a psychic fair. ( # 10 ) Personally, I feel that some are afraid of getting a " reading ", for various reasons. Others are concerned about the integrity of the "psychic reader ". On those occasions, when I roam the web, looking at some sites, I get good " feeling tones ". Some are just there, but give off no " feeling tones ". When I came across the " The Purple Phoenix " site, The " feeling tone " were singing good tones. Maybe the sites layout, content or the color!
Whatever triggered the "feeling tones ", I just " went with it ". It was then, that I noticed the offer of a " Free Three Question " reading. Ya, I thought, and than what? I looked for the hook, and gotcha. Nope, really was none. Just a nice, plain explanation on the " why free ", offer. That I liked. So I posed my three questions, and submitted them. ( I really did not need the answers, as I already knew them ) Lo and behold, there came a response, with an apology for the slight delay, and the answers to my posed questions. Hey, this was not a pure sales pitch to hook you, but a personal, homey write. Again, I liked that. The answers addressing the questions, were of the nature, that pleased me, So now, it is your turn to get a " reading " free, of any charge.Take advantage of it now, because I know that the " free " offer, will not be available for long. In all fairness there must be other " good " sites, and as I discover them, will keep you posted "

Here is the info from the site mentioned
“What Does Dana Do?”
I am an intuitive channel reader, meaning that in a psychic experience, I am most likely to receive information through a steady informational stream, much like a string of pearls. I receive and energetically read subtle energies and messages from the ephemeral (multi-dimensional) realms through:
Empathing (feeling other’s emotions/energies)
Mediumship (communicating with entities in other realms)
Channeling (intuitively receiving a string of pearls of energetic information)Clairaudience (psychically hearing)
Clairsentience (psychically experiencing physical sensations)
Clairvoyance (psychically seeing)
Intuition (the spontaneous knowing when connected to an energy field.)
I act as a vessel for energy and information to pass through, translating and reporting in layman’s terms for others to understand. Essentially, I act as an energetic and spiritual journalist and educator, creating an information bridge between the ephemeral world and the physical one. When working with a client, I receive pertinent, real time, direct, personal, emotional, psychological, energetic information connected to that individual, their energy field and their life. I work for the Highest Good with my Spirit Guides and the Spirit Guides (and/or entities) of the individual.

“What Can Dana Do for Me?”
When you work with me, you receive a message that is personal, customized, real time, foundational and a practical energetic insider’s view into your life (via your Spirit Guides, entities and energetic field). Your message relates directly to your energetic, emotional, spiritual and psychological life elements.
Your message gives you a greater energetic insight into the nature of your life so you may yield more fully informed conscious, confident, constructive choices – essentially providing you with practical psychic tools to create a better life.
Messages are delivered in a gentle, firm, non-judgmental, candid, honest, loving and many times humorous nature from your Spirit Guides, entities and energy field (serving universal highest good).

The free offer: Introductory Readings

Please note: This free offering is subject to withdrawal, with out notice, at any time, due to time or schedule conflicts, as of, 9/12/2007.
( You can verify availability by clicklng on the link above.)

A purchased ( optional ) read:

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So there you have it. Do it now, while its fresh in your mind.
Of course, even psychics need money to buy food and pay expenses, so if you choose to do so, the opportunity is there to purchase, a comprehensive reading.
The " free reading " shows the nature of how your report will be.
Do come back here to post your experience using the site mentioned.
I appreciate your doing so.