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Sunday, September 9, 2007

# 26 What? Never Experienced a Reading: Why!

Please note: This free offering is subject to withdrawal, with out notice, at any time, due to time or schedule conflicts, as of, 9/12/2007. More at bottom of post.

Well now, what do we have here!
Oh, that's you Babbler, making all that noise. What trouble you up to today? Miffed, Babbler says " Why are calling me a trouble maker, and why sneak by me, hurt my feelings, and get a free psychic reading, without my input!". " Well, you sure are in snit aren't you ", I reply. " Lets get this straight Babbler, I'm your boss, got it! " With some respect in the tonal voice Babbler replies, " Sorry. Would you please, clue me in then ". " That's more like it, " I reply. OK, recall if you will, my prior post on visits to a few " readers ", at a psychic fair. ( # 10 ) Personally, I feel that some are afraid of getting a " reading ", for various reasons. Others are concerned about the integrity of the "psychic reader ". On those occasions, when I roam the web, looking at some sites, I get good " feeling tones ". Some are just there, but give off no " feeling tones ". When I came across the " The Purple Phoenix " site, The " feeling tone " were singing good tones. Maybe the sites layout, content or the color!
Whatever triggered the "feeling tones ", I just " went with it ". It was then, that I noticed the offer of a " Free Three Question " reading. Ya, I thought, and than what? I looked for the hook, and gotcha. Nope, really was none. Just a nice, plain explanation on the " why free ", offer. That I liked. So I posed my three questions, and submitted them. ( I really did not need the answers, as I already knew them ) Lo and behold, there came a response, with an apology for the slight delay, and the answers to my posed questions. Hey, this was not a pure sales pitch to hook you, but a personal, homey write. Again, I liked that. The answers addressing the questions, were of the nature, that pleased me, So now, it is your turn to get a " reading " free, of any charge.Take advantage of it now, because I know that the " free " offer, will not be available for long. In all fairness there must be other " good " sites, and as I discover them, will keep you posted "

Here is the info from the site mentioned
“What Does Dana Do?”
I am an intuitive channel reader, meaning that in a psychic experience, I am most likely to receive information through a steady informational stream, much like a string of pearls. I receive and energetically read subtle energies and messages from the ephemeral (multi-dimensional) realms through:
Empathing (feeling other’s emotions/energies)
Mediumship (communicating with entities in other realms)
Channeling (intuitively receiving a string of pearls of energetic information)Clairaudience (psychically hearing)
Clairsentience (psychically experiencing physical sensations)
Clairvoyance (psychically seeing)
Intuition (the spontaneous knowing when connected to an energy field.)
I act as a vessel for energy and information to pass through, translating and reporting in layman’s terms for others to understand. Essentially, I act as an energetic and spiritual journalist and educator, creating an information bridge between the ephemeral world and the physical one. When working with a client, I receive pertinent, real time, direct, personal, emotional, psychological, energetic information connected to that individual, their energy field and their life. I work for the Highest Good with my Spirit Guides and the Spirit Guides (and/or entities) of the individual.

“What Can Dana Do for Me?”
When you work with me, you receive a message that is personal, customized, real time, foundational and a practical energetic insider’s view into your life (via your Spirit Guides, entities and energetic field). Your message relates directly to your energetic, emotional, spiritual and psychological life elements.
Your message gives you a greater energetic insight into the nature of your life so you may yield more fully informed conscious, confident, constructive choices – essentially providing you with practical psychic tools to create a better life.
Messages are delivered in a gentle, firm, non-judgmental, candid, honest, loving and many times humorous nature from your Spirit Guides, entities and energy field (serving universal highest good).

The free offer: Introductory Readings

Please note: This free offering is subject to withdrawal, with out notice, at any time, due to time or schedule conflicts, as of, 9/12/2007.
( You can verify availability by clicklng on the link above.)

A purchased ( optional ) read:

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So there you have it. Do it now, while its fresh in your mind.
Of course, even psychics need money to buy food and pay expenses, so if you choose to do so, the opportunity is there to purchase, a comprehensive reading.
The " free reading " shows the nature of how your report will be.
Do come back here to post your experience using the site mentioned.
I appreciate your doing so.


Anonymous said...

Dana was wonderful and full of heart with her 3 questions allowed, and her answers to the point that I will look into ordering the full reading. She is good people.

Anonymous said...

i guess the free service isnt available anymore.. i clicked the link and got a page not founs error..
is there any other site or service that you can suggest where i can find free psychic reading for me??
will be looking forward for reply. thanks

The Talker said...

Hello rao,
Nothing at the moment, but will check to see how I can do this for you.
Do check into my new site.

Psychic Medium said...

Thats the point i was looking for about home practical psychic tools inside a psychic reading. Thanks for sharing this valuable and qaulity information hope to see the next update soon.

Anonymous said...

I am in search for someone who can help me with psychic readings. I am simply flat out at the moment. Do you know anyone good?

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