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Monday, January 7, 2008

# 31 Psychic Feeling Tones and The Talker

Have been asked what are the "feeling tones" you mention?
So what are the "feeling tones", I mention, here in my blogs! Hard to describe what words fail to convey. Psychic action is where it all starts. At a certain point of reawakening latent psychic talent through meditation, reading, and the doing, certain weak or strong points will manifest. Going to deliberately avoid the usual terms or descriptions used to describe psychic activity. We all have psychic abilities, period. Regardless if you believe it or not. (see the posts listed) With some, the strong points will show as a: seeing, feeling, or hearing. Weak points can be a mix of all three giving a confusing situation. Here is where I run into a problem finding the words to describe how I know a psychic something is starting to taking place. How in the world can you describe "seeing a feeling", or "hearing a seeing" and even more awkward "sensing a seeing - hearing and feeling" all at the same time!
So in that I'm not an advanced psychic in that sense of the word, I simply call the admixture "feeling tones". No flashing neon signs, no crystal clear voices like a radio, no television screen showing a specific scene. The closest I can get to describing it is : a tapestry like feeling, a multi-colored seeing of it, sensing of an out of place cloudiness in the tapestry. My focus will be on the cloudiness, as that segment is what appears out of tune, with the rest of what is being felt at that moment. Nothing at all like one watches on television. Once focus is in the cloudiness portion of the (tapestry), other feelings tones will come up that one still has to clarify.
Many clarifications are accurate, some are complete misses perhaps due to my interpretation of that feeling. Anyway, regardless of what any may call it, hunches, intuition, or guessing, some thing is/ has taken place beyond the norm.
My trigger point is a very brief momentary sharpening of awareness, that warns me that something is about to take place. So I choose to simply call the whole confusing situation "feeling tones".
Aggravating is not being able to readily invoke that "feeling tone". Even more aggravating was a "no warning at all" during a serious incident that took place in our home, on the first floor, while I was in the basement doing laundry. Do believe I understand the "why and how" of it now, but will leave the telling for another time.