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Sunday, December 17, 2006

# 6 Touching on Realty-Life-Metaphysics-and the Occult

Our Ultimate Reality: Metaphysics, Life, The Universe, The Occult !
Metaphysics, did that word cause you pause? I think not. How about the word "religion" , did that shake you up? No! Yet if one says the word, "occult", most will raise an eyebrow of "Oh.Oh", with various looks of surprise or even question your sanity. Most people have never taken the time to look up the word and fail to understand its true meaning. Most will apply only what they have heard about it, all of it being nasty. So, you say my religion forbids its practice! Practice of what? Do you read the bible! Oh, you nasty occultist. From my point of view, ( even if I do have issues with the good book ) the bible is a beautiful tome of occult material. It even mentions dozens of Master Occultists. Yes, yes , I know many will frown on the words just stated, but to me its a truth. Once past the killing, mass killings, rape, slavery and other bone chilling events, look for the real beauty buried in many of the stories. Reread the words of the Master Jesus. Lets get to the bottom line, the punch words. Can you make any sense of whats happening in our world? Can you make any sense of what your life is all about? Questions like just mentioned, are what lead me to inquire of life," what is this all about"! So years of digging, research, tossing out the bible, finding out that the bible needed to be dug out of where I tossed it, and reviewing all data with a critical eye. Did I get all the answers? Sorry to say , nope. But I did finally start to understand, that there is more to life , than what meets the eye. That there are jewels of wisdom scattered around in numerous books, yes including the bible. Is my life easier for having discovered these jewels, not entirely yet, but making progress. So it was to my delight when I found another source of information that will, I believe enhance my understanding of what its all about.
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