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Monday, December 18, 2006

# 7 Psychic Intuition and The Babbler

Psychic Intuition and the Babbler
Am pleased that some readers are sharing their stored memories and taking their valuable time to add comments. As mentioned in a prior post, reader comments reflect subconscious memories that their "Babbler" is busy ferreting and winnowing at a rapid pace. ( See "Conversations With Me" ) On where these memories and emotions are stored, was (if its true) an interesting venture. Did cover that aspect in my "Razors Edge" blog and won't retell it here. The very fact that one's " Babbler" does retrieve information that was long ago experienced and forgotten is amazing.( below, is some what a cut and paste job to reflect my thoughts and feelings on a hard to clarify subject, and helped to put a bit of perspective and theme to psychic activity as I see it. Have read that the word "psychic", is counterproductive and that the word "intuition" be used in its stead. Perhaps I should do that. Naa, I'll just use both words as I see fit. ) In order to become attuned to intuition you will need to become more aware of the psychological forces that lie below the surface of the conscious mind. You must listen to your inner voice,
( I call this voice Babbler ) trust your hunches and pay careful attention to the content of your dreams.
( will show up in future posts ) If you do this you will become in harmony with yourself and unlock creative powers that you never realised you had. Intuition is a wonderful word ( but not the word psychic ! ) because it means so many different things to different people. It has a long tradition of use in philosophy, mathematics, business, psychology, engineering, linguistics, music, literature, religion, and science , particularly with reference to the creative processes. Some of the many definitions and understandings of intuition are mutually inconsistent. Still, the basic definition is simple. According to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language(second edition, unabridged), intuition is "direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension." Another definition from the same dictionary refers to intuition as "a keen and quick insight." Other definitions stress that the intuitive process is itself unconscious. ( is why Babbler is needed ) Intuition, then, is "knowing without knowing how you know." ( is what I call being psychic and a feeling tone ) Is there any possibility of rationally investigating spiritual intuitions? Can we begin to reasonably probe the realm of spirits and the mysterious ( I referenced this as Spirit, Soul and Body ) journeying of the human soul? Modern scholarship is divided on this issue. In spite of the diverse perspectives offered through different cultural lenses, the penetrating minds of Aldous Huxley and Huston Smith claim that they can recognize a "perennial philosophy" or a "primordial tradition" that flows through all esoteric thinking. This common ground, they maintain, involves a pattern in which the human soul grows in depth and wisdom as it approaches its ultimate destination of divine union. ( this is scheduled for future posts ) Other scholars, in the post-modern deconstructionist tradition, such as Ninian Smart, maintain that the experiences of the world's mystics are unique and cannot be compared. The converging insights and methodologies from psi research, the testimony of spiritual experience, and the broad field of intuition suggest to me that we have the potential to use intuitive consensus in a disciplined fashion as a tool for exploring realms of consciousness that have previous been relegated to philosophy, mythology and theology. Behind our normal consciousness lies the vast untapped world of the unconscious. Here, are locked away billions of memories and incredible skills that we never use. Every one of us is a secret genius. The unconscious is capable of amazing creativity, inventiveness and mental agility. For example, experiments with hypnosis have shown that it is possible to remember just about anything. Things that are impossible to remember normally, such as what you had for lunch on July 15th 1994, can be recalled with perfect clarity during hypnotic trance. All of this knowledge is locked away in the unconscious and can be utilized if we allow our intuition to do its job. The intuition ( psychic ability ) is something we all have. For most people it remains a mysterious force that works when we least expect it.
Until the next posting, and hoping you visit again, stay well and if the spirit so moves you, please, do post a comment.