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Friday, September 14, 2007

# 27 The American Monk & Talker's Babbler

Yo Talker, it's me Babbler, got a few minutes for me? OK, Babbler, few minutes for what! Did you see Burt Goldman's material being offered, Babbler asks . Yes, I did, is my reply. Well, say some thing about it, comes back Babbler's voice. Well, as mentioned in another post, I had trained with Burt, decades ago. Part of the Silva seminars at that time. Did read on an Amazon comment, that Burt's material in a recently published book ( 2003 ) The Power of Self Mind Control
( ISBN 0-9724014-7-4 ) , is ancient and rehashed material. Maybe we should forget about the teachings of Jesus, Allah, and the Buddha! ( did I get that right! ) Have read Burt's book, and it is a neat review of many exercises, that were taught at the sessions. Yes, in light of all the super hype and fancy advertisements, one could say " ancient " material, but consider now, just " who " is now doing the rehash bit, to give a new look to " ancient teachings "! Read all you want on psychic training, if you don't focus on the basics and "practice, practice, and more practice ", it is an iffy situation. Special music for brain entrainment, is what is new, and useful, but the music used alone, gives a new tool, without directions on how to properly use it, in your new skill. Anyway, be sure to check out the link below. Do come back and post a comment on your experience with it.

The American Monk intends to raise the consciousness of 1 million people and to help create a turning point on this planet - a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics. We're giving away $100 worth of training online for free. Share them with your friends and family and together we'll touch and transform 1 million lives

Sunday, September 9, 2007

# 26 What? Never Experienced a Reading: Why!

Please note: This free offering is subject to withdrawal, with out notice, at any time, due to time or schedule conflicts, as of, 9/12/2007. More at bottom of post.

Well now, what do we have here!
Oh, that's you Babbler, making all that noise. What trouble you up to today? Miffed, Babbler says " Why are calling me a trouble maker, and why sneak by me, hurt my feelings, and get a free psychic reading, without my input!". " Well, you sure are in snit aren't you ", I reply. " Lets get this straight Babbler, I'm your boss, got it! " With some respect in the tonal voice Babbler replies, " Sorry. Would you please, clue me in then ". " That's more like it, " I reply. OK, recall if you will, my prior post on visits to a few " readers ", at a psychic fair. ( # 10 ) Personally, I feel that some are afraid of getting a " reading ", for various reasons. Others are concerned about the integrity of the "psychic reader ". On those occasions, when I roam the web, looking at some sites, I get good " feeling tones ". Some are just there, but give off no " feeling tones ". When I came across the " The Purple Phoenix " site, The " feeling tone " were singing good tones. Maybe the sites layout, content or the color!
Whatever triggered the "feeling tones ", I just " went with it ". It was then, that I noticed the offer of a " Free Three Question " reading. Ya, I thought, and than what? I looked for the hook, and gotcha. Nope, really was none. Just a nice, plain explanation on the " why free ", offer. That I liked. So I posed my three questions, and submitted them. ( I really did not need the answers, as I already knew them ) Lo and behold, there came a response, with an apology for the slight delay, and the answers to my posed questions. Hey, this was not a pure sales pitch to hook you, but a personal, homey write. Again, I liked that. The answers addressing the questions, were of the nature, that pleased me, So now, it is your turn to get a " reading " free, of any charge.Take advantage of it now, because I know that the " free " offer, will not be available for long. In all fairness there must be other " good " sites, and as I discover them, will keep you posted "

Here is the info from the site mentioned
“What Does Dana Do?”
I am an intuitive channel reader, meaning that in a psychic experience, I am most likely to receive information through a steady informational stream, much like a string of pearls. I receive and energetically read subtle energies and messages from the ephemeral (multi-dimensional) realms through:
Empathing (feeling other’s emotions/energies)
Mediumship (communicating with entities in other realms)
Channeling (intuitively receiving a string of pearls of energetic information)Clairaudience (psychically hearing)
Clairsentience (psychically experiencing physical sensations)
Clairvoyance (psychically seeing)
Intuition (the spontaneous knowing when connected to an energy field.)
I act as a vessel for energy and information to pass through, translating and reporting in layman’s terms for others to understand. Essentially, I act as an energetic and spiritual journalist and educator, creating an information bridge between the ephemeral world and the physical one. When working with a client, I receive pertinent, real time, direct, personal, emotional, psychological, energetic information connected to that individual, their energy field and their life. I work for the Highest Good with my Spirit Guides and the Spirit Guides (and/or entities) of the individual.

“What Can Dana Do for Me?”
When you work with me, you receive a message that is personal, customized, real time, foundational and a practical energetic insider’s view into your life (via your Spirit Guides, entities and energetic field). Your message relates directly to your energetic, emotional, spiritual and psychological life elements.
Your message gives you a greater energetic insight into the nature of your life so you may yield more fully informed conscious, confident, constructive choices – essentially providing you with practical psychic tools to create a better life.
Messages are delivered in a gentle, firm, non-judgmental, candid, honest, loving and many times humorous nature from your Spirit Guides, entities and energy field (serving universal highest good).

The free offer: Introductory Readings

Please note: This free offering is subject to withdrawal, with out notice, at any time, due to time or schedule conflicts, as of, 9/12/2007.
( You can verify availability by clicklng on the link above.)

A purchased ( optional ) read:

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So there you have it. Do it now, while its fresh in your mind.
Of course, even psychics need money to buy food and pay expenses, so if you choose to do so, the opportunity is there to purchase, a comprehensive reading.
The " free reading " shows the nature of how your report will be.
Do come back here to post your experience using the site mentioned.
I appreciate your doing so.

Friday, September 7, 2007

# 25 Tune up Your ESP Modes 6th Sense

Often I come across write-ups, that do and often can be used to better ones life, in various ways. Here is a small batch, that helps fill that need. There is one that is about ESP, 6th sense, I know it will interest you.
Here are 13 short articles that you may enjoy reading.

Spirituality & Inspiration

If you enjoy the read, why not come back here, and post a comment.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

# 24 You Are Psychic

I felt that my post on a forum, at another web-site, was germane enough to what I express on this blog of mine, to re post it here. I've listed that forums web address, and it has tons of worthwhile information and links. Have purposely shied away from posting specific ways to develop / reawaken psychic talents. Perhaps psychic ability is the real " Secret " being much talked about, recently. Yes, at one time , any words alluding to " psychic anything ", was a strong no-no and taboo. Lets get this straight, One does not become psychic, You are psychic whether you like it or not. You may not think or believe it, but it is so. You may not think you are using psychic ability, but you definitely are using it, consciously or not. When you " think " of a person or place, and you have a good perception of it or them, in mind, do you really, know, what you are doing? It's called " remote viewing ". So, what is remote viewing? Ah, you're right. Psychically going to that place, or person, using you're psychic ability. Wonderful, isn't it. Didn't know you could do it did you. Oh, excuse me, the phone is ringing, and you just " know " who is calling.
Little things of that nature are just accepted without thought. Yet that is psychic ability in action.

( What I had posted on another web-site forum )
( )
Quote:Originally Posted by ( name removed by Talker, see it on that forum )
Hi, everyone.
Many people who believe in psi or psychic abilities want to learn to develop them. For this, there seem to be many "schools" and methods available. From established ancient techniques, like qigong, yoga, meditation to new wave of techniques, often based on the above, but promoted in books, seminars etc.
What is your stance?
1. Do you believe some psychic abilities can be developed?2. What do you think of the different methods? Have you personally tried any?
.................................................. ...

( Talkers response to the posed questions )
Greeting to All,
I don't just believe it, I know it.
Eventually you would get to use/try, many methods as you get more experience.
Far to many teachers cloak their training with material, that is not required to learn and develop basic psychic abilities. Am not saying that this is wrong, only that its not initially required. What is required is practice, practice and more practice, with the basics. This site ( forums ) has good material available, as do many others. Another point is, one is not learning it, one is reawakening their ability. Over the course of decades, I've used free, purchased, and seminars, to reawaken, that which can be reawakened. Now, regardless of how the material is obtained, one can get the feel for new approaches to the reawakening process, even if the material , is only so so. It would be unfair of me to say that one method is superior to another. What method fails , so to speak, for one person, could be a wonderful life changing situation for another. With all the information available on-line, I do not put much on my blogs, for relearning the process. There are many other sites with great offerings. Another situation I question, is the many posts, and arguments over spoon bending, challenges by certain doubters, and the questioning of psychic ability. Is why I don't even post to some taunts. Now I'm not a highly gifted psychic, but I am psychic. So are you. Some days are " humming " with psychic activity and awareness, other days I may not even be aware if some calamity is in the works, and it actually happens to take place. As mentioned in these posts, some are more gifted and psychic action just happens for them, easily. I do cover some of my experiences along these line. on my blogs. To my knowledge, I'm not able to name any psychic, that could be classified, fully functional, in every category of psychic ability. The ones that might fall into that class, could be Jesus, and Edgar Cayce. Probably are some more, I just don't recall them.
( is not my intention to slight any religion or group )
So, if you want or desire to be psychic, just start by believing you can be, and are psychic, because you actually are psychic.