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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

# 8 How Does One Explain These Little Incidents !

How does one explain these little incidents.
The time frame is not relevant, only what took place at that time.
Walking home from work late one evening. Decided to cut through some farmland as a short cut to get home. On one side is a cornfield with rows of corn standing six to seven feet high. Bright moon is shining. As I reached the end of the rows of core and just before I would make a turn a feeling tone of "stand still" was felt. So I stood there for a moment or so and lifted my foot to make the turn around the end of the corn field. So there I am half around the corner, one foot raised in the air, and I see a family of skunks. I froze in mid-stride. I'm looking at the larger animal and it appeared that the larger animal was checking me out. If you know what skunks can do, you can appreciate why I did not move at all. The larger animal started walking again, passing under my raised foot. Imagination or not, I thought I felt the quills of the skunk brushing the bottom of my shoe. Fortunately nothing else happened.

The incidents that I speak on and about, were in different periods of my career. I mention this only to clarify the incidents described.We needed to install the head end on a freestanding 50 foot tower. That involved a rotator and antenna assembly. While we are installing the tower we ordinarily use a safety belt. Once the tower is installed it would only take 20 minutes or so to install the head end. We used a pulley and tackle to hoist the head end assembly to the top. My fellow coworker requested that he go up this time to complete the assembly. So there he is way up at the 50 foot level, and is almost done. Of course, I am there at the base of the tower looking upwards when a strange "feeling tone" comes into me. I holler up to my coworker "belt up". He shouts back "I'm almost done". I am the supervisor so to speak and I yell "belt now" and just at that very moment the ambient outside noise goes quiet. I hear the click of a safety belt buckle as it was angrily clipped to the tower tubing. At that very moment a gust of wind hit and blew my coworker off and away from the tower and flipped him up side down. Of course he screamed and yelled. So did I. The safety belt had saved him from being blown away and killed in the 50 foot fall. Yes yes, it was pure stupid not to always use the safety belt, but we learn from our mistakes, if we survive them.

My father was in electronics, back in the days when there was no television and the radio was just coming into prominence. Just a little note of interest here, Philo T. Farnsworth is the "father of TV" not as generally said, David Sarnoff, of RCA. Also on September 7, 2006 was the 79th anniversary of the first transmitted TV signal and it consisted of only one single line. Now back to my incident. I had just finished upgrading my computer system, thinking of all the
amazing devices that were installed. While I was sitting there I thought "dad, you would be flabbergasted to see all of this". The next thing I know, a loud voice comes in, but it's all in my head, "yes, but I'm seeing it through you now". When I heard that voice, I nearly fell out of my chair. So I question, did all this really happen or was it just my imagination !

No flashing lights, no headline banners, just that hard to describe "feeling tone" that one learns to listen too. Will be more of these events coming up for posting.

Monday, December 18, 2006

# 7 Psychic Intuition and The Babbler

Psychic Intuition and the Babbler
Am pleased that some readers are sharing their stored memories and taking their valuable time to add comments. As mentioned in a prior post, reader comments reflect subconscious memories that their "Babbler" is busy ferreting and winnowing at a rapid pace. ( See "Conversations With Me" ) On where these memories and emotions are stored, was (if its true) an interesting venture. Did cover that aspect in my "Razors Edge" blog and won't retell it here. The very fact that one's " Babbler" does retrieve information that was long ago experienced and forgotten is amazing.( below, is some what a cut and paste job to reflect my thoughts and feelings on a hard to clarify subject, and helped to put a bit of perspective and theme to psychic activity as I see it. Have read that the word "psychic", is counterproductive and that the word "intuition" be used in its stead. Perhaps I should do that. Naa, I'll just use both words as I see fit. ) In order to become attuned to intuition you will need to become more aware of the psychological forces that lie below the surface of the conscious mind. You must listen to your inner voice,
( I call this voice Babbler ) trust your hunches and pay careful attention to the content of your dreams.
( will show up in future posts ) If you do this you will become in harmony with yourself and unlock creative powers that you never realised you had. Intuition is a wonderful word ( but not the word psychic ! ) because it means so many different things to different people. It has a long tradition of use in philosophy, mathematics, business, psychology, engineering, linguistics, music, literature, religion, and science , particularly with reference to the creative processes. Some of the many definitions and understandings of intuition are mutually inconsistent. Still, the basic definition is simple. According to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language(second edition, unabridged), intuition is "direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension." Another definition from the same dictionary refers to intuition as "a keen and quick insight." Other definitions stress that the intuitive process is itself unconscious. ( is why Babbler is needed ) Intuition, then, is "knowing without knowing how you know." ( is what I call being psychic and a feeling tone ) Is there any possibility of rationally investigating spiritual intuitions? Can we begin to reasonably probe the realm of spirits and the mysterious ( I referenced this as Spirit, Soul and Body ) journeying of the human soul? Modern scholarship is divided on this issue. In spite of the diverse perspectives offered through different cultural lenses, the penetrating minds of Aldous Huxley and Huston Smith claim that they can recognize a "perennial philosophy" or a "primordial tradition" that flows through all esoteric thinking. This common ground, they maintain, involves a pattern in which the human soul grows in depth and wisdom as it approaches its ultimate destination of divine union. ( this is scheduled for future posts ) Other scholars, in the post-modern deconstructionist tradition, such as Ninian Smart, maintain that the experiences of the world's mystics are unique and cannot be compared. The converging insights and methodologies from psi research, the testimony of spiritual experience, and the broad field of intuition suggest to me that we have the potential to use intuitive consensus in a disciplined fashion as a tool for exploring realms of consciousness that have previous been relegated to philosophy, mythology and theology. Behind our normal consciousness lies the vast untapped world of the unconscious. Here, are locked away billions of memories and incredible skills that we never use. Every one of us is a secret genius. The unconscious is capable of amazing creativity, inventiveness and mental agility. For example, experiments with hypnosis have shown that it is possible to remember just about anything. Things that are impossible to remember normally, such as what you had for lunch on July 15th 1994, can be recalled with perfect clarity during hypnotic trance. All of this knowledge is locked away in the unconscious and can be utilized if we allow our intuition to do its job. The intuition ( psychic ability ) is something we all have. For most people it remains a mysterious force that works when we least expect it.
Until the next posting, and hoping you visit again, stay well and if the spirit so moves you, please, do post a comment.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

# 6 Touching on Realty-Life-Metaphysics-and the Occult

Our Ultimate Reality: Metaphysics, Life, The Universe, The Occult !
Metaphysics, did that word cause you pause? I think not. How about the word "religion" , did that shake you up? No! Yet if one says the word, "occult", most will raise an eyebrow of "Oh.Oh", with various looks of surprise or even question your sanity. Most people have never taken the time to look up the word and fail to understand its true meaning. Most will apply only what they have heard about it, all of it being nasty. So, you say my religion forbids its practice! Practice of what? Do you read the bible! Oh, you nasty occultist. From my point of view, ( even if I do have issues with the good book ) the bible is a beautiful tome of occult material. It even mentions dozens of Master Occultists. Yes, yes , I know many will frown on the words just stated, but to me its a truth. Once past the killing, mass killings, rape, slavery and other bone chilling events, look for the real beauty buried in many of the stories. Reread the words of the Master Jesus. Lets get to the bottom line, the punch words. Can you make any sense of whats happening in our world? Can you make any sense of what your life is all about? Questions like just mentioned, are what lead me to inquire of life," what is this all about"! So years of digging, research, tossing out the bible, finding out that the bible needed to be dug out of where I tossed it, and reviewing all data with a critical eye. Did I get all the answers? Sorry to say , nope. But I did finally start to understand, that there is more to life , than what meets the eye. That there are jewels of wisdom scattered around in numerous books, yes including the bible. Is my life easier for having discovered these jewels, not entirely yet, but making progress. So it was to my delight when I found another source of information that will, I believe enhance my understanding of what its all about.
For your free download:

# 5 Conversations With Me !

Conversations With Me
Well Ancient One , what pearls of wisdom are you entertaining today? Hey smart ass, that sounded like a poke in the ribs! Anyway, who are you? Why are you talking like you got an "in" to say things to me! Hey Ancient One , slow down now, I'm the "voice" that people hear in their head all the time. Of course though, everyone has their own unique special voice that works 24 /7 to keep you on your toes. Most of the times , people just call me " Babbler". Have been called by many other unkind names though. My job is to keep you aware of "what is happening in you". Generally, I'm free wheeling around through all of your systems, looking for anything that's off kilter, nothing is sacrosanct when I'm prowling around. My job is to call it as I see it. From my much maligned point of view, I'm blamed for most of your troubles unfairly. Again I say, I only find it and report it. You , my friend are responsible for what I find. Oh sure, some of my buddy Babblers have gone off the deep end, and in a left handed manner start to contribute to your many problems. Consider for a moment that which you feed to us, physically,mentally and spiritually on a 24 / 7 basis. Oh yes, my friend, its all tied together. Unfortunately, problems arise when certain people start looking at you as only a part of what you really are. My friend you were recognized as a spirit, and soul and body, many century's ago. Hey now, I didn't just make that up, check it out, in what is called the bible. You want a hint on where to find it! Ok,Ok. Let me check out the main files. Oh, here it is, 1 Thessalonians 5:23. So if fed a steady diet of crap, its easy to get screwed up. Often, one will seek help from another person, that person can be called by various names or titles. Doctor, priest, rabbi, specialist, regardless, if your not seen as a whole entity ( spirit, soul and body ) conditions can erode rapidly. If my checking you out is met with great amounts of eroded or negative things, that is what I report, I don't interpret. This negative reporting is how, the name "Babbler"got started in the first place. I don't like it, but its not my "call" to change it. Its your "call". I " the Babbler" am a minuscule entity of a vast number of energies that take on intelligence so to speak. When you get a conversation going in your head, with questions, and seeming answers, these are coming from the numerous energy entity's from all levels of "you". So these energies, regardless of what they are called, gods, devils, demons or angels, are all at work, all the time, prompting you in some direction. Depending on how you reacted, is what "you" are. Serious problems have come up though, when certain kinds of doctors are told that "you hear voices" speaking to you. Might be better, if you just kept your thoughts to yourself. Well Ancient One , I the Babbler haves messed around with your thinking process long enough here, what are you going to do about it!

# 4 Mind and Body Training Control

Mind and Body Training Controll.
Ever notice the times you are told to relax, or take it easy, hey you're going to blow a fuse, or even watch your blood pressure or some similar type of worded statement! But how does one do that. To obtain a changed state of mind and an actual state of physical relaxation, one needs to train (start to fine tune) the mind and body to do so. During stress states of mind, relaxation is just not readily achieved. You may gain some, but not maximum control. So are you ready to set a relaxed trigger? What's involved! Breathing, a spot on the wall, a mental picture of a lit candle, eyes open and eyes closed, at whatever time you choose to do so. Just sit and breathe as you ordinarily do. Now find a spot on the wall in front of you, to look at and just breathe normally. Don't turn your head to find that spot, blink normally and don't stare. Do for a few moments, with the eyes open and for a few minutes with the eyes closed. When doing this with the eyes closed, mentally see a lit candle. When doing this with the eyes open, focus on a spot on the wall. Practice doing this for a few days, when ever you have the opportunity. Up to this point you have been breathing normally, while alternating between eyes open focused on a spot, and eyes closed while
visualizing a lit candle. At this point we are going to introduce a slight change in the way you are breathing. What I want you to do now, is to gently inhale a little longer or deeper and take a little longer to exhale. You will need to experiment here a little bit. What we are looking for here, is a fuller but comfortable inhalation with a slightly longer exhalation. When your lungs are comfortably full, don't strain beyond that point. Once you have found your comfortable breathing pattern or rhythm that's what you will stay with. Whether you breathe through your nose or mouth is not important here. So now its practice, practice and more practice.That's it. However long it takes to achieve this trigger will be well worth it to you. There will come a day that you will realize that you automatically triggered a relaxation mode. With just a little more effort you will learn to deliberately enter that relaxation mode. That is what we are looking for. Problem going to sleep, do a eyes closed, with lit candle routine.Just walked away from a meeting and you are ready to explode with anger, do a quick eyes open routine. Encountering a little road rage, just do the deep breathing part, please don't close your eyes.
Want to tune your psychic level, or do some healing actions, use any combination of eyes open / eyes closed routines, plus, what ever other process you would normally use. The process described on this blog, will be posted on my other blog, as it applies equally as well there.Be sure to come back and see what's coming up next. And as long as you there, let me know what you think about what's posted.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

# 3 Psychic Here and There

Let's touch on some thoughts and views that are often points of interest.There will always be controversy regards psychic activity. People like Randi are quite vocal about it. Again, I do not try to convince anyone that I'm psychic. I know I am, just as I also believe, all people are so endowed. Does that make me special, no. Does it make my life easier and the answer here is, both, yes and no. Why I answered that way is due to the various levels one can be functioning at. Use of the words, various levels, can I do believe, cause confusion. (Words do get in the way when trying to explain things like this) I am going to use a radio as an example. Let the radio represent psychic activity. Now we are faced with a number of variables with using the radio as an example. Are you ready! Is it an expensive or low-priced radio? What's the difference to ask? How one can control the radio is the main reason. Recall from an earlier post, the words "fine tune". Oh, here is the key reason, how many knobs or slider controls are on the radio? If it is a simple on/off with volume control, that is one switch only. If we have an expensive radio with on/off, bass, treble, balance control, and a fine tuning eye for stereo, with high-end speakers, we have six control factors. Which radio do you believe would give the better control of what you would be listening to. Oops, nothing is working, oh-oh we forgot to plug the cord into an electrical outlet, or the battery is dead. Do you see where I 'm heading. So now, the same applies with psychic activity. Little things, like how at ease are you, are you really relaxed! Are you aware of the shoe that is pinching a toe and is the collar of your shirt to tight, if so, you are not ready to proceed. You can only think/perceive one thing at a time, not two things simultaneously. Yes, one could say my shoe is pinching, I'm sweating, and am angry at the person that knocked the mirror off my car. That is three things you were thinking, simultaneously , right! Wrong. You can only think of one thing at a time. But it happens so fast that you believe you thought these all at once. Also a quality radio will have built-in filters to nullify static, hiss and cross channel noise. The same is required with ones mind activity. With the radio you just turn knobs, the mind you need to train. Yes, you need to train, practice and apply until you start getting the desired results. How difficult is that training to do, only you can answer. How interested are you? All of these matters are involved but not generally recognized. Are you going to be self-taught or are you going to use a professional class like Silva or Alpha. To top all that off, is or will be times when tuning in just doesn't happen. Sometimes it's much easier to grab a handful of smoke and put it in a jar as opposed to grabbing a psychic theme from your mind thoughts. There are no blinking signs showing a message, no banner headlines flying, only a "sense of a theme". If one acts to quickly, pow, it's gone before you get a hold of it. So timing and relaxation is one key. Of course there are many others also. If you've ever watched "Medium, Ghost Whisperer or Ghost", one can see how frustrating, rewarding and ephemeral the action can be.
More to come.
See you next post time.
Do post some comments.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


The events that I will be posting, are not in any particular sequence. If I were doing a book, which I'm not, structure and theme, would be called for. Any write-up on a subject can bring ones thinking to a dead end rapidly. Believe with writing it's called "writers block", when doing a presentation, it's called "freezing" up, so from past experience, and to avoid any of that, I do a "just say it" and arbitrate it, later method. So here, I'm going to write it and make corrections and adjustments as I proceed. Another aspect is that one endeavors for such perfection, that perhaps, nothing gets posted or written, with that in mind , here it is ! Oh yes, one can get into deep trouble, fast, with certain quick outbursts. I learned fast, dont be reckless, when in the "just say it" mode. With this in mind, and once the cards (words) are down, one pretty much knows the direction to proceed with. So as events come to mind now, that is where I will be, regardless, of the "when it did it happen". Have always had a fascination with topics on spirit, soul and body, as mentioned in the Bible. ( Dont want to enter the bible / religion arguments here, as thats not where this blog post is headed, but I did use the bible along with other books, in what I was looking and searching for) So, what does the spirit, soul and body (see prior post) have to do with psychic activity you ask! From my viewpoint, if one has a body, there is a high probability of a soul and / or spirit. ( How to prove these things is the exasperating part ) Many little odd, unusual, strange incidences experienced over the years, just didnt jibe at those times, with my thinking processes. Will post them in future writes.So when I dared to step out of the dogmatic box of my beliefs and religion, and started reading books, like " The Secret Of The Ages" by Robert Collier. What a shocker, that reading proved to be, in view of my belief factors at that time of my life. Here is a memo that I wrote that sums up where my thinking processes were at that time. My Memo as written about it:
" Even though this happened in what seems like centuries ago, vivid are some memories ( not all ) of the tears and frustrations in the learning process. When there is the back-drop in ones life of “consistent lack of “, some words, are meaningless. Guess we were so poor , that we didn’t even qualify for being called poor. Used to watch some kids eating meat and fruit, while a real treat for us, was to have some lard spread on a slice of bread. So, in reading my new found information, stating that” you can have whatever you want in life” it did tickle my funny bone. Picture it, we ran out of pay check with three weeks still left in the month and I’m hearing “you can have whatever you want”. What dream world did this author ( Robert Collier , The Secret of the Ages ) live in! Well, did finish reading the book. Than laid it on a shelf for many months, and in moments of deep frustration and “poor me” thinking, the bible and that book came into play. Not going to talk bible things at this point, but needed to reference authors that did have more credence with me, at the time. There were other mind bogglers that I took with a grain of salt, when reading them. ( enter a new style of research ) When I read the words of The Master Jesus, stating “These things that I do, so shall ye , do”, I could only shake my head in disbelief. I’m having problems reaching the end of the month , money wise, and am being told that I can or should be able to raise the dead, change water to fine wine, walk on water, feed a multitude of people with a couple fish and so on. Back to the book. Now a thought is there, is the Master Jesus a liar or did he speak the truth? If the Truth was spoken by The Master Jesus, maybe, just maybe, Collier has a good thing going, concept wise. "Having dared to step out of the box of religious dogma, authors of other germane titles were added to my changing beliefs and growing library. Will, in a future post list the titles and authors that highly influenced my thinking. Looking into my past activities, I would now say, that my " fine tuning processes " commenced with the reading of both, the bible and "The Secret of The Ages".

More to come

Monday, December 11, 2006

# 1 So You Think Your Psychic, Why !

Having a psychic experience, is often overlooked, as just an every day event. No thought is given to the experience. Yet it could well have been just that, a psychic event. Just a hunch, intuition, call what you will, its there. Psychic activity covers a broad spectrum of experiences. Its not a narrow little band of action.
I'm not going to try and convince anyone, that they are in fact psychic. We all are at various times functioning at some psychic level. Like a radio or TV set, that needs dial turning, or channel switching to hear or see some thing better, one can learn to fine tune their psychic ability. Why would one want to do that! The "why" of it of course would vary for each individual. Given reasons for example, might be specific, but winnowing the why down to simple terms, would fall into these categories: change,improving,or eliminating. Of course these three areas can be further clarified, but the list would be endless. Would ones life be free of illness,trouble free, full of wonderful relationships,and winning the lottery! Not necessarily, but the potential is there.
That my dear readers, is where future posts will take us.