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Sunday, December 17, 2006

# 5 Conversations With Me !

Conversations With Me
Well Ancient One , what pearls of wisdom are you entertaining today? Hey smart ass, that sounded like a poke in the ribs! Anyway, who are you? Why are you talking like you got an "in" to say things to me! Hey Ancient One , slow down now, I'm the "voice" that people hear in their head all the time. Of course though, everyone has their own unique special voice that works 24 /7 to keep you on your toes. Most of the times , people just call me " Babbler". Have been called by many other unkind names though. My job is to keep you aware of "what is happening in you". Generally, I'm free wheeling around through all of your systems, looking for anything that's off kilter, nothing is sacrosanct when I'm prowling around. My job is to call it as I see it. From my much maligned point of view, I'm blamed for most of your troubles unfairly. Again I say, I only find it and report it. You , my friend are responsible for what I find. Oh sure, some of my buddy Babblers have gone off the deep end, and in a left handed manner start to contribute to your many problems. Consider for a moment that which you feed to us, physically,mentally and spiritually on a 24 / 7 basis. Oh yes, my friend, its all tied together. Unfortunately, problems arise when certain people start looking at you as only a part of what you really are. My friend you were recognized as a spirit, and soul and body, many century's ago. Hey now, I didn't just make that up, check it out, in what is called the bible. You want a hint on where to find it! Ok,Ok. Let me check out the main files. Oh, here it is, 1 Thessalonians 5:23. So if fed a steady diet of crap, its easy to get screwed up. Often, one will seek help from another person, that person can be called by various names or titles. Doctor, priest, rabbi, specialist, regardless, if your not seen as a whole entity ( spirit, soul and body ) conditions can erode rapidly. If my checking you out is met with great amounts of eroded or negative things, that is what I report, I don't interpret. This negative reporting is how, the name "Babbler"got started in the first place. I don't like it, but its not my "call" to change it. Its your "call". I " the Babbler" am a minuscule entity of a vast number of energies that take on intelligence so to speak. When you get a conversation going in your head, with questions, and seeming answers, these are coming from the numerous energy entity's from all levels of "you". So these energies, regardless of what they are called, gods, devils, demons or angels, are all at work, all the time, prompting you in some direction. Depending on how you reacted, is what "you" are. Serious problems have come up though, when certain kinds of doctors are told that "you hear voices" speaking to you. Might be better, if you just kept your thoughts to yourself. Well Ancient One , I the Babbler haves messed around with your thinking process long enough here, what are you going to do about it!