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Sunday, December 17, 2006

# 4 Mind and Body Training Control

Mind and Body Training Controll.
Ever notice the times you are told to relax, or take it easy, hey you're going to blow a fuse, or even watch your blood pressure or some similar type of worded statement! But how does one do that. To obtain a changed state of mind and an actual state of physical relaxation, one needs to train (start to fine tune) the mind and body to do so. During stress states of mind, relaxation is just not readily achieved. You may gain some, but not maximum control. So are you ready to set a relaxed trigger? What's involved! Breathing, a spot on the wall, a mental picture of a lit candle, eyes open and eyes closed, at whatever time you choose to do so. Just sit and breathe as you ordinarily do. Now find a spot on the wall in front of you, to look at and just breathe normally. Don't turn your head to find that spot, blink normally and don't stare. Do for a few moments, with the eyes open and for a few minutes with the eyes closed. When doing this with the eyes closed, mentally see a lit candle. When doing this with the eyes open, focus on a spot on the wall. Practice doing this for a few days, when ever you have the opportunity. Up to this point you have been breathing normally, while alternating between eyes open focused on a spot, and eyes closed while
visualizing a lit candle. At this point we are going to introduce a slight change in the way you are breathing. What I want you to do now, is to gently inhale a little longer or deeper and take a little longer to exhale. You will need to experiment here a little bit. What we are looking for here, is a fuller but comfortable inhalation with a slightly longer exhalation. When your lungs are comfortably full, don't strain beyond that point. Once you have found your comfortable breathing pattern or rhythm that's what you will stay with. Whether you breathe through your nose or mouth is not important here. So now its practice, practice and more practice.That's it. However long it takes to achieve this trigger will be well worth it to you. There will come a day that you will realize that you automatically triggered a relaxation mode. With just a little more effort you will learn to deliberately enter that relaxation mode. That is what we are looking for. Problem going to sleep, do a eyes closed, with lit candle routine.Just walked away from a meeting and you are ready to explode with anger, do a quick eyes open routine. Encountering a little road rage, just do the deep breathing part, please don't close your eyes.
Want to tune your psychic level, or do some healing actions, use any combination of eyes open / eyes closed routines, plus, what ever other process you would normally use. The process described on this blog, will be posted on my other blog, as it applies equally as well there.Be sure to come back and see what's coming up next. And as long as you there, let me know what you think about what's posted.