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Monday, December 11, 2006

# 1 So You Think Your Psychic, Why !

Having a psychic experience, is often overlooked, as just an every day event. No thought is given to the experience. Yet it could well have been just that, a psychic event. Just a hunch, intuition, call what you will, its there. Psychic activity covers a broad spectrum of experiences. Its not a narrow little band of action.
I'm not going to try and convince anyone, that they are in fact psychic. We all are at various times functioning at some psychic level. Like a radio or TV set, that needs dial turning, or channel switching to hear or see some thing better, one can learn to fine tune their psychic ability. Why would one want to do that! The "why" of it of course would vary for each individual. Given reasons for example, might be specific, but winnowing the why down to simple terms, would fall into these categories: change,improving,or eliminating. Of course these three areas can be further clarified, but the list would be endless. Would ones life be free of illness,trouble free, full of wonderful relationships,and winning the lottery! Not necessarily, but the potential is there.
That my dear readers, is where future posts will take us.


Anonymous said...

Really interesting perspective and dead-on right, in my opinion. I love reading and talking about psychic abilities and developing them. Delighted you are writing about it.
I was thinking about going to see Sylvia Browne in February....rather expensive day...$1,000 bucks but she's a lovely person, I think. I've been before.
Anyway, I look forward to reading more. Uh, don't bother attempting to 'correct' as you go along. Just talk. I just want to hear what you have to say.


Anonymous said...

I was 16 when I had my first psyhic
flash, I had bartered with my dad to let me drive him to work which I did so I could use the car for the day hotshot teen that I was, I had the flash about 2 hrs after I drove him, and flash....'I shouldn't be driving today" no apparent reason why since I was in class & should have been paying attention, did my hotshot stuff driving friends for lunch, went to pick Dad up, never got there, hit a patch ice and totalled the car into a women trunk whome I had just flicked off for passing me & cutting me off, didn't know the difference a block could make to that whole scenerio. Dad eventually found me in that day of no car phones, and made me drive my horse back home. kms

Anonymous said...

2nd flash 18, not wanting to go into a public place,boom thought just there, but life persists and I had to go pick up a precription from drug store for Mom who was waiting in the car, should have been a cake walk, but gun man came in to rob the drug store, I didn't know him, but he's see me again up at school as he was dating a girl going there even though he was older, so he came to know who I was, even though I didn't know who he was, and the adventure would continue for 2 more months, all I knew was he drove the same color and model car as I, as that caused me grief from a different direction. kms partII

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