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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

# 8 How Does One Explain These Little Incidents !

How does one explain these little incidents.
The time frame is not relevant, only what took place at that time.
Walking home from work late one evening. Decided to cut through some farmland as a short cut to get home. On one side is a cornfield with rows of corn standing six to seven feet high. Bright moon is shining. As I reached the end of the rows of core and just before I would make a turn a feeling tone of "stand still" was felt. So I stood there for a moment or so and lifted my foot to make the turn around the end of the corn field. So there I am half around the corner, one foot raised in the air, and I see a family of skunks. I froze in mid-stride. I'm looking at the larger animal and it appeared that the larger animal was checking me out. If you know what skunks can do, you can appreciate why I did not move at all. The larger animal started walking again, passing under my raised foot. Imagination or not, I thought I felt the quills of the skunk brushing the bottom of my shoe. Fortunately nothing else happened.

The incidents that I speak on and about, were in different periods of my career. I mention this only to clarify the incidents described.We needed to install the head end on a freestanding 50 foot tower. That involved a rotator and antenna assembly. While we are installing the tower we ordinarily use a safety belt. Once the tower is installed it would only take 20 minutes or so to install the head end. We used a pulley and tackle to hoist the head end assembly to the top. My fellow coworker requested that he go up this time to complete the assembly. So there he is way up at the 50 foot level, and is almost done. Of course, I am there at the base of the tower looking upwards when a strange "feeling tone" comes into me. I holler up to my coworker "belt up". He shouts back "I'm almost done". I am the supervisor so to speak and I yell "belt now" and just at that very moment the ambient outside noise goes quiet. I hear the click of a safety belt buckle as it was angrily clipped to the tower tubing. At that very moment a gust of wind hit and blew my coworker off and away from the tower and flipped him up side down. Of course he screamed and yelled. So did I. The safety belt had saved him from being blown away and killed in the 50 foot fall. Yes yes, it was pure stupid not to always use the safety belt, but we learn from our mistakes, if we survive them.

My father was in electronics, back in the days when there was no television and the radio was just coming into prominence. Just a little note of interest here, Philo T. Farnsworth is the "father of TV" not as generally said, David Sarnoff, of RCA. Also on September 7, 2006 was the 79th anniversary of the first transmitted TV signal and it consisted of only one single line. Now back to my incident. I had just finished upgrading my computer system, thinking of all the
amazing devices that were installed. While I was sitting there I thought "dad, you would be flabbergasted to see all of this". The next thing I know, a loud voice comes in, but it's all in my head, "yes, but I'm seeing it through you now". When I heard that voice, I nearly fell out of my chair. So I question, did all this really happen or was it just my imagination !

No flashing lights, no headline banners, just that hard to describe "feeling tone" that one learns to listen too. Will be more of these events coming up for posting.