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Monday, January 1, 2007

# 9 How Do I Know If I'm Psychic!

Good question, but totally unnecessary. We all entered this physical world with psychic abilities. So what happened to all of these abilities? Well, they are still there, unrecognized of course, with only rare occasions of usage. Little things like knowing who is on the phone when it rings, finding a parking place in a busy area, having a sense of danger to one of your children, and other little events similar to these, indicates psychic activity. Coincidence, you say! Could be! But not really. The process of growing up, is where we start learning to diminish those psychic abilities. Now, I'm not able to prove what is said here, and I'm not going to try, but try this for "could it be true." One needs to relearn the process, not learn, but re-learn. Work with your "Babbler", or whatever you want to call it, in private, and pay attention to what takes place. Why in private! It's problematic enough even thinking about psychic ability, much less having someone seeing you and hearing you, doing your activation, relearning process. Of course, you'll experience, many awkward moments in doing so. Moments of "this is stupid" and other similar thoughts. That's okay, just ignore those thoughts, and learn to smile through it all.
I used to get so frustrated, when I would read, that this or that well-known psychic, was experiencing psychic phenomena, during their early childhood. Those little things, like seeing and talking to aunt Martha, who had passed away one year ago. Or speaking to their unseen playmates. Oh yes, I had a vivid imagination, at the age of 10 and up, and my playmates were people like "Mandrake, the Magician", "the Shadow", "Jack Armstrong", from the comics and listening to the radio. For me though, it's was mimicking their actions, as I don't recall seeing any one. Now, I'm not in any sense of the word, an accomplished psychic. But enough incidents have taken place, to thoroughly convince me, on what is taking place. I still fumble and at times question my sanity about those times, when that little "Voice" gives a response to a "posed" question. Nothing dramatic, no high blaring volume, just a "feeling tone voice" that still needs to be interpreted. Generally, the first impression is the valid one, if you endeavor to logically interpret that "feeling tone voice", you'll mess it up. Where do they come from, these "feeling tones voices", more important though, is "who" or "what" originated it, both the question, and what seems like the answer! So, from that perspective, one is only a step away, from being hauled away in a white restraining jacket.
Not a pleasant thought is it.
Notice also, that I have given my inner voice (at least one of them) (LOL) recognition by naming it "Babbler". Rather than having a wild uncontrolled "inner voice" I did, decades back, realize, the value of this ally inside me and learned to use it. It may seem, that I'm overly emphasizing the sanity aspect, but it is important to look at this scenario through the eyes of another person. What would you think about a person describing hearing "voices" in their head! Have had many occasions where I just had to smile, and laugh at what I was doing it times. Like, sitting or standing, eyes closed, making motions with my hands, somewhat like petting a cat or a dog, while moving my lips in a silent prayer.
(I'm even chuckling now, doing this write-up)
Haven't tried it yet, but will try a search on the web looking for "silly feelings+ psychic+ learning" and see what comes up. All stories about psychics, seem to start, once they've achieved prominence. Maybe some of them experienced, some of the things I speak on here, but didn't want to talk or write about it. Oh well, like heard in a song a long time ago. "What a fool am I", I don't recall the name of the song though.
There were many books read that highly influenced me. One I have already mentioned "The Secret of The Ages", another is "The Art of True Healing" by Israel Regardie, this goes back to the late 1960s, at that time it was ISBN 0 900448 20 2, should check this out for you, but I'll leave that up to you. This particular book is a greatly simplified version, of what is a very complicated system, that was used in the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn". Many Eastern and European, secret and mystic societies used techniques, based upon what is called "The Tree of Life".
Some of these processes are a lifetime endeavor. There are many sub-features involved, where you will hear about "Inner Pillar", "Outer Pillar" and titles of that nature. Some very beautiful, and beneficial practices. In Regardie's book is described, what is called "The Middle Pillar", and you will find dozens of variances in books by other titles.
The how and what of it, in these other titles, is of course, greatly modified to suit the desires of those promoting these methods.I won't detail here, the ways Regardies book is to be used, get the book and read it.
Will say, though, it will lead you into trained creative imagination.
Amazon has the book listed, there is a link above.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the pychic post..I found it all really very interesting and I will look up the book "The Art of True Healing" to see what its about.
I laughed several times too as you mentioned somewhere in this post how "proficient" the psychic is, according to 'said' psychic.

Plus, I recently thought of attending a salon of a local psychic, but at 1,000 bucks for the day, I ditched the idea this time. I thought it was rather a luxury that was more embarrassing than essential.

Was it this post where you heard a voice within that stopped you in your tracks as the skunks walked by?? Wow! That was one cool story. It's a good thing you paid attention. I had a dog once that got squirted and a bag by a pool that got hit...both made me nauseous the scent was soo strong. Gudrun had to be washed many times. Poor thing. Glad you did what you were told!

About this psychic stuff though, I know intellectually that what you are saying is true, yet, I don't practice it like I'd like to...

Today, the voices came in. I "had" to go to a party. [I know, poor me.] But, frankly, I wanted to stay home. I went to a party for 2 hours last night. Different people, different party.
To make a long story short, I asked a friend if she was going to go. We went back and forth and decided to go. We then rated it a 7 out of 10, 10 being "most glad we went."

There's gotta be an easier way. I can't distinquish between my ego and the 'voice.' Or perhaps my own personal pathologies, as well, get in the way.

Nevertheless, perhaps you can comment on some point. I'd be interested since I'm not going to the salon and I could use some psychic insight as to "what's next?"

Do enjoy all your either study a lot [dig learning about all the neurons in my brain] or you are fabulously psychic and brilliant or perhaps all the above. last point which is why I was talkin' about the party. The "babbler" or committee in my case, was holding a convention today AFTER the party, not for long, as I got bored listening, but long enough to remind myself why I didn't want to go in the first place. I'm not really fond of superficial chatter: I find it exhausting.

On the other hand, I did see some old acquaintainces, met the host's son I hadn't seen in 10 years and wish people a 'happy new year.' Was it worth it? Yeah, I think so...tried to get outta myself and spread a bit of cheer. Would I have been missed? No, I wouldn't have been missed.

eheh...Nuff said.
Thanks for the blog. I did enjoy it and I'm going to look up "The Art of Healing."
Happiness in the new year...

Anonymous said...

i have been having ghost sightings and voices in my head telling me to help them i don't under stand it my friend has had them too what do i do that will tell me about these spirits and their history and understand what they need me for

The Talker said...

Anonymous said...
i have been having ghost sightings and voices in my head telling me to help them i don't under stand it my friend has had them too what do i do that will tell me about these spirits and their history and understand what they need me for

Hi Anonymous poster,
Go to my regular blog and post there. Am working up some methods for you to follow.
Once I see your post will do a followup.