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Thursday, January 4, 2007

# 10 I Hear You Talking, But What Are You Saying!

Thanks KF. Like I had mentioned, getting comments from readers, helps me to readily recall events long, forgotten. You asked the question "I can't distinguish between my "ego" and the "voice",and perhaps you can comment on that at some point." It's an interesting question, and I have also wrestled with it.
Let me mention here, that " The Art of True Healing" book, is only a door opener into psychic activity. It may or may not be all one needs for a full-blown, WOW, I can do this, and not have to pay someone else to do it". Did mention elsewhere "different strokes for different folks".
Same applies with this re learning process.
With a tad of only "paying attention.", some what , the relearning process becomes, semi-automatic.
By actually and deliberately practicing, one finds that more and more " coincidences " (as nonbelievers call it) becomes more common".
Now for the "posed" question you asked. Depending on the specific event, that one's "babbler", is looking at, you/I, may not be able to tell " is this idle chatter or not." But there will be occasions when a (words do get in the way some times) more intense " Greater / clearer / clarity / seeing / feeling " accompanies the " feeling tone " that you would, without further questioning, just act upon. Yes, there will be flubs, misses, and a " not clear " event many times.
Again I mention, there are no flashing lights highlighting,
what you should " see or feel", nor is there, a beautiful voice, perfectly sounding out each word. I've been to psychic fairs, and it was quite an experience. After my first reading, I decided to use a few other psychics there, that were giving readings. All of the reading, were it seemed, what is called "cold readings". Some were better than others, but none could "see" the resolve to what was "posed" by me. In all fairness though, I did endeavor, holding the same "theme and feelings" for the various psychics I sat with. Each one came up with different " answers ", that led me to believe that " I could have done that ". Did that mean that the psychic was unreliable! No, not necessarily so. Assuming legitimacy, on their part, it probably meant only, that they were not able to hone in on the " time-frame involved."
(More on this later) Of course, at that time, I was very curious, and wondered " if you're a psychic, why can't you come up with an answer to what was "posed " ? These experiences took place many decades ago, when the word " psychic activity " was greatly misunderstood and always applied to someone else. So back to more research. Very interesting data began to surface.
Will endeavor to keep it simple and clear, something on the order of muddy clarity. (LOL). Keeping in mind, that psychic activity and healing are intimately entwined, will, help in understanding what I say next. Healing of one sort or another can be found in many ancient texts, but I don't recall any mention of psychic abilities in those texts. It may seem out of place here, but with some deep thought, think on this. In Matthew 16: 13, 15, the Bible mentions, Jesus asking "who do they say that the Son of man is?" And in Mark 8: 22, 25, one finds, that "Jesus, had to work harder", on his miracle and redo it. With all the questions, that it may raise, I ask " did Jesus have trouble in "fine-tuning ", his " feeling tones " in these events!" Jumping ahead to more recent times, and that actually involve " time ", some mind-boggling concepts came to light.
By reading books written by, Jane Roberts / Seth, what we call " time " is some what clarified, but still not, well understood. Coupled with the " time " event read, the Seth material, further explains a situation of " multiple realities ", that helped put the " time and events " into clearer perspective. Now the possibility, is there, to understanding, why a psychic might not be able to " hone " in on a closer " feeling tone " that could relate to a " posed " event. Simple, right!
I don't think so! Now we enter, what I will call, the twilight zone, of comprehension.
Here is where one can get mired in " wow " and really start thinking " that is crazy ", so it'll help if, you keep an open mind to " possible future probabilities".
Wait now, we've only entered " crazy ", the worst is yet to come.
Seth goes on to explain, that our individual " probable futures " ( notice the plural ) are not necessarily things or events that " will happen ", but things or events, that " could happen ". Now comes in, what, according to the Jane Roberts / Seth material ( and if true ) " Everything we think but don't act upon ", takes on the energy of that thought, and goes sailing, into an " alternate reality ", continuing " it's " life at the point, from, when it left you. Are you still with me! Just as difficult to comprehend, is that a group of scientists, stated, that we are all, " blinking on and off, all the time "! With that in mind, another question comes up, " where are we, when, we are not " in, the present blink! So where is this all going? If any of the above " could " apply, one could probably say, the psychic " tuned " into your " alternate reality ", that had nothing to do with your " current reality " and the " posed " theme, ( a total miss ) on what, you were trying to find out about.
Consider the times you may have thought or said something like this:
I'm just not myself today .....
I don't know why I said that ......
Why did I do that ....
I just drove 150 mile and have no awareness of how I got here .....
I felt like I was floating in space ......
I was jolted awake by what felt like a severe shock to my body ...
Can only ponder, which alternate reality, was kicking in or out at the time!
Maybe, somebody, more in the know, was telling us something with movies and stories like: " Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Back To The Future, Star Trek, and What The Blank Do We Know ". And TV series like Medium, and Ghost Whisperer, and other programs of that nature. With a little training, one could probably do their "own" readings and be more accurate. Based on the law of averages, one could be correct 50% of the time.
This is so wild, but interesting!

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