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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

# 14 The Day "The Talker" Was Born -Time Capsule

The Day "The Talker" Was Born Time Capsule
This is a fascinating site, ( at bottom ) to see what was going on, while mom and pop were getting their first glimpse, of the new "kid". Things like the current price for some food items and of course gasoline. Songs of the day, who was president,and little goodies like that. Give it a try, for your birth date.
Now for those of you who are wondering,
"Who and what is that Talker guy? "
Well now, I'm a Moonchild sign, also known as Cancer. I carry traits of both the Gemni and Leo signs. ( one rarely hears of cusp influences ) A water sign and ruled by the Moon. Water sign represents anything that is, fluid, emotional and psychic. Due to influences of the moon, a Moonchild is changeable, subject to moods, impressions and occult forces. This sign tends toward psychic faculties that allow them to examine an undertaking in their mind. There is a tendency to be lethargic, and one can be quite moody (a pain in the ....) and melancholic at times. Males of this sign are not always easy to live with.( wife knows this, but I hope she never sees this admission ) Characteristic of this water sign, can be, dark and gloomy one moment, bright and sunny the next. ( a jerk or nice guy ) Generally speaking, natives of this sign are interested in all phases of the occult and many , are truly, psychic, and often become mediums, prophets or clairvoyants.To ensure good health, a Moonchild needs to learn control of emotions and follow proper dietary rules. When some Gemni traits mix-in with my Moonchild traits , there can be, or show traits of, love to acquire knowledge, be superficial, let diversified interests impair a relationship, ( wish some of the musical traits had kicked in ) adept at making gadgets, enjoys reading, and here another tendency towards moods, and, another tendency toward intuition, When the Leo traits blend in, I get into some of Leos' fire areas,that I'd rather not have. Don't misunderstand me here, both Gemni and Leo signs, have many traits, I would just love to have, but evade me. When I start tripping over the heavy negative energies, my sign and mood mix can give, I find a quite place and do some EFT sessions (mentioned elsewhere), that salvage the moment. Of course I "cherry" picked in the above write-up, Didn't want to highlight all my faults.

Sunday, June 27, 1926
Top News Headlines This Week:
Jun 29 - Carter Woodson wins Springarn Medal for research of Black history
Jul 1 - Canada restores gold standard
Jul 2 - US Army Air Corps created; Distinguish Flying Cross authorized
Jul 4 - Baronie soccer team forms in Breda Neth
Jul 4 - NSDAP-party forms in Weimar
Jul 9 - Chiang Kai-shek appointed to national-revolutionary supreme commander
Top Songs for 1926
Play Gypsy by Harry B. Smith
Because I Love You by Irving Berlin
Desert Song by Otto Harbach
When Day Is Done by B.G. DeSylva
Animal Crackers by Fred Rich
Bye Bye Blackbird by Mort Dixon
Cross Your Heart by B.G. DeSylva
Say It Again by Harry Richman
US President Calvin Coolidge
US Vice President Charles G. Dawes
1926 Prices
Avg Income:$1,427/yr
DOW Avg:157
People born on June 27,
1913 - Willie Mosconi world champion pool player (1941-57)
1927 - Bob Keeshan aka Capt Kangaroo/Clarabelle (Good Morning Captain)1880 - Helen Keller blind-deaf author/lecturer had more sense than many
Top Books in 1926
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism by R. H. Tawney
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
Autobiographies by W. B. Yeats
Shen of the Sea by Arthur Bowie
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Unknown said...

OK... so, I knew from your profile that you've retired and that explained the wisdom.... ((and please, don't take offense to this))... but I guess I never realized exactly how old you are.

Also, if I haven't thanked you already for your posts on my page... thank you again.


The Talker said...

No offense taken,Tink. It was many decades ago, that I discovered that "knowledge and wisdom" were not synonymous. One could possess all the knowledge in the world, be quite brilliant, and still be a colossal idiot, in many areas of their life. (One tends to blame life, for those conditions) With my ignorance, at that time (maybe even now) I set out to find the differences. It has been quite the learning curve, doing so. Knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not necessarily knowledge. With my youthful exuberance, I stumbled over lot of knowledge, but a tad of wisdom started to set in. Now I'm not a "sage" in any sense of the word, but am somewhat relieved, that I no longer qualify as a colossal idiot. There is an old saying, that went something like this "too soon old, too late smart", but even "smart" is not wisdom, so I'm still working at it.

Unknown said...