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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

# 12 Psychic Lull Day

I was experiencing a "lull" day. So I took advantage of it, and went surfing on the Internet. Now you "psychically" knew, due to the nature of this blog, "what" I was going to be clicking on didn't you! ( LOL )
Naturally you "guessed", "psychic phenomena", and in all its glory, there they were, loaded with tons of "pro and con" postings. Asking, am I psychic, are you psychic, prove it, prove that you are a psychic, seems to be the theme of the day. Were many interesting sites. Quite obvious, on many of the sites though , was the "zero" in the comments section. It appears that many are interested in "psychic phenomenon", and being psychic, write about it, but, for what ever the reason, the readers of these psychic posts, hesitate to make a comment. I realize of course that leaving a comment is no longer a simple process.
What with nasty spammers being so prevalent, safety measures had to be taken. So entered the the added step, verification process, so, be it.
I did leave comments on a number of blogs. What the heck, these psychics, put it in a lot of effort sharing their knowledge with us. Why not a simple "hey a great job", or "thank you", to encourage the blogs continuance. Many of the psychic sites I visited were beautifully set up, and detailed psychic processes in great detail. Nicely covered, were the various methods of a psychic reading. Many psychic sites included the usage of what I call "tools of the trade." Tools like, the crystal ball, tarot cards, fragrances, tea leave reading and other items. But even an ordinary deck of playing cards, can be used as a psychic tool. Psychic tools can range from, highly sophisticated, to utter simplicity. It's rare, that I find, any explanation, of why these "psychic tools" are used. Basically, as I see it, they are used to achieve a "fine tuned" focus of "feeling tones".
A simile here, would be like, getting a flat tire, on your automobile while driving. Nothing psychic here, but definitely a change of focus. What changed the "feeling tone" of your original "focus"? It was the thump thump thump, of the flat tire. That got your attention. Your original thought pattern, while driving, was interrupted. What might your next thoughts, have been! Was it still on the music you were listening to, while driving, or was it on the car-jack you're going to have to use. Car-jack, takes first place, right ! Another change of focus takes place. Need a safe place to pull the car over to, while doing a tire change. Another rapid change of focus takes place, watch for moving traffic. Move out of the automobile, after shutting off the engine and removing the key. Insert the key to open the trunk. Many thoughts now enter your mind, rapidly changing your focus into various channels. Question like "do I have a jack", "will the jack work", "Hope nobody bangs into me while I'm changing the tire". All of this takes place quite rapidly and without any great effort on your part.
So, what did we have going here, a great psychic at work! There was a rapid changing of focus, until you got the desired results. Honing in on your feeling tones for psychic activity is much the same process. For the beginner, and perhaps, even for the more experienced psychic, there is a bit of a problem involved. Of all the psychic thoughts coming in, which is the most legitimate one to follow-through on.
Easy! Not necessarily, but definitely doable. In real estate, the prime words are "location, location, location". In learning any sport or skill, the prime words are "practice, practice, practice". From my point of view, the same would apply, in developing ones psychic abilities. Am I psychic, yes. Are you psychic, Yes. Now I can't prove it one way or the other, nor am I, even, going to try. But I do believe we all function at a psychic level, all the time. So why can things get to be, so messed up, at times? We just have not learned, to fully trust, and properly act upon our psychic intuition.


Unknown said...

I like your writing as well! Do you mind if I add a link to your blog to my page?

I look forward to hearing more from you.

Martha Marshall said...

Found you via your comment on Deepwater Journal. I too believe that we are all psychic, and with practice could get better and better at accessing information that's right under our noses. Me, I never practice. But I do get surprised sometimes by things that simply can't be coincidence.

Unknown said...

Found your blog via your comment on my own psychic observations. Wonderful analogies and thought provoking questions. Good knowing that you come from the supposedly non-tolerant technology field. The one area I did not go into in my pot was how I use my tools - the deck of playing cards. You very intuitively pointed out the fact that our tools are simply a means to fine tune our mental focus. The analogy of the flat tire changing your POV was very astute. Thank you!!!