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Saturday, January 20, 2007

# 13 Psychic Activity and What The Bleep Do We Know!

Well now, my Babbler has been prowling into subject rooms of my mind, bringing up what I call "loose straws". Things that did not fit into any coherent pattern. My Babbler has an insatiable desire to resolve the unresolvable litter of data that begs coherency, within my thought processes. Things that keeps slipping my thought processes, into a "Sisyphus" state, when pondering specific subjects. Much to my chagrin, the little snot, brought up "quantum mechanics". I really didn't want to wrestle with this one again, but am going to see where it takes me. Perhaps some semblance of clarity will set in, that may make sense to me, but to no others. I've often, "puzzled", with my minuscule knowledge of quantum mechanics, along with the leading scientists in the world, about it. Now, by no means am I a scientist, nor will I actually solve the puzzle, these scientists came up with. Now, I'm going to skip a lot of details, and get right to the question that they could not answer. Namely, "how can something, come from nowhere, appear, and then disappear into no-place ". When I first came across that data, it really got my attention. It still does, and I wanted to keep it buried, but alas, Babbler is serving it up again. I was somewhat annoyed and walked away to complete some household chores. While, so involved, some undulatory " feeling tones" came on in a nagging fashion, that didn't stop until I was back in my den. As I sat in my swivel chair and gazing at the mess around me, I swear, that a book's title was smiling at me. So I picked up the book, and you know what happened next don't you, it opened to a page containing a note placed there almost a year ago. Wow, talk about coincidence and ah-Ha's. I'll just read the paragraph that "my thumb, just happened to be pointing at", "distinguished people in their fields--in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, basic neurosciences, physics... who privately are very, very interested in... psychic phenomenon." So there was my ah Ha, and what my "Babbler" was prompting me to talk on. So now, let's see what comes out!
Apparently all the prior posts, asking "am I psychic, are you psychic, and words about psychic activity and psychic phenomenon, reminded my "Babbler" about the above quote, read almost a year ago. Another coincidence! Wow, fantastic. Now, I'm hard pressed to give a coherent answer here, but it appears that some part of the "feeling tones" I've talked about, can actually come from an unknown source, and location. Now, I can't prove it, but I do believe, that this unknown source and location, derives from the "Creator of All", that I call "God". Thinking on psychic activity and psychic phenomenon, from this viewpoint, lends credence somewhat, at least to me, on how psychic activity can take place. You are wondering which book it was, you know I wouldn't leave you in a lurch. "What The Bleep Do We Know", is the title, and in the Amazon search box, enter the numbers-- 0 7 5 7 3 0 3 3 4 X .

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