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Saturday, December 16, 2006

# 3 Psychic Here and There

Let's touch on some thoughts and views that are often points of interest.There will always be controversy regards psychic activity. People like Randi are quite vocal about it. Again, I do not try to convince anyone that I'm psychic. I know I am, just as I also believe, all people are so endowed. Does that make me special, no. Does it make my life easier and the answer here is, both, yes and no. Why I answered that way is due to the various levels one can be functioning at. Use of the words, various levels, can I do believe, cause confusion. (Words do get in the way when trying to explain things like this) I am going to use a radio as an example. Let the radio represent psychic activity. Now we are faced with a number of variables with using the radio as an example. Are you ready! Is it an expensive or low-priced radio? What's the difference to ask? How one can control the radio is the main reason. Recall from an earlier post, the words "fine tune". Oh, here is the key reason, how many knobs or slider controls are on the radio? If it is a simple on/off with volume control, that is one switch only. If we have an expensive radio with on/off, bass, treble, balance control, and a fine tuning eye for stereo, with high-end speakers, we have six control factors. Which radio do you believe would give the better control of what you would be listening to. Oops, nothing is working, oh-oh we forgot to plug the cord into an electrical outlet, or the battery is dead. Do you see where I 'm heading. So now, the same applies with psychic activity. Little things, like how at ease are you, are you really relaxed! Are you aware of the shoe that is pinching a toe and is the collar of your shirt to tight, if so, you are not ready to proceed. You can only think/perceive one thing at a time, not two things simultaneously. Yes, one could say my shoe is pinching, I'm sweating, and am angry at the person that knocked the mirror off my car. That is three things you were thinking, simultaneously , right! Wrong. You can only think of one thing at a time. But it happens so fast that you believe you thought these all at once. Also a quality radio will have built-in filters to nullify static, hiss and cross channel noise. The same is required with ones mind activity. With the radio you just turn knobs, the mind you need to train. Yes, you need to train, practice and apply until you start getting the desired results. How difficult is that training to do, only you can answer. How interested are you? All of these matters are involved but not generally recognized. Are you going to be self-taught or are you going to use a professional class like Silva or Alpha. To top all that off, is or will be times when tuning in just doesn't happen. Sometimes it's much easier to grab a handful of smoke and put it in a jar as opposed to grabbing a psychic theme from your mind thoughts. There are no blinking signs showing a message, no banner headlines flying, only a "sense of a theme". If one acts to quickly, pow, it's gone before you get a hold of it. So timing and relaxation is one key. Of course there are many others also. If you've ever watched "Medium, Ghost Whisperer or Ghost", one can see how frustrating, rewarding and ephemeral the action can be.
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