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Thursday, December 14, 2006


The events that I will be posting, are not in any particular sequence. If I were doing a book, which I'm not, structure and theme, would be called for. Any write-up on a subject can bring ones thinking to a dead end rapidly. Believe with writing it's called "writers block", when doing a presentation, it's called "freezing" up, so from past experience, and to avoid any of that, I do a "just say it" and arbitrate it, later method. So here, I'm going to write it and make corrections and adjustments as I proceed. Another aspect is that one endeavors for such perfection, that perhaps, nothing gets posted or written, with that in mind , here it is ! Oh yes, one can get into deep trouble, fast, with certain quick outbursts. I learned fast, dont be reckless, when in the "just say it" mode. With this in mind, and once the cards (words) are down, one pretty much knows the direction to proceed with. So as events come to mind now, that is where I will be, regardless, of the "when it did it happen". Have always had a fascination with topics on spirit, soul and body, as mentioned in the Bible. ( Dont want to enter the bible / religion arguments here, as thats not where this blog post is headed, but I did use the bible along with other books, in what I was looking and searching for) So, what does the spirit, soul and body (see prior post) have to do with psychic activity you ask! From my viewpoint, if one has a body, there is a high probability of a soul and / or spirit. ( How to prove these things is the exasperating part ) Many little odd, unusual, strange incidences experienced over the years, just didnt jibe at those times, with my thinking processes. Will post them in future writes.So when I dared to step out of the dogmatic box of my beliefs and religion, and started reading books, like " The Secret Of The Ages" by Robert Collier. What a shocker, that reading proved to be, in view of my belief factors at that time of my life. Here is a memo that I wrote that sums up where my thinking processes were at that time. My Memo as written about it:
" Even though this happened in what seems like centuries ago, vivid are some memories ( not all ) of the tears and frustrations in the learning process. When there is the back-drop in ones life of “consistent lack of “, some words, are meaningless. Guess we were so poor , that we didn’t even qualify for being called poor. Used to watch some kids eating meat and fruit, while a real treat for us, was to have some lard spread on a slice of bread. So, in reading my new found information, stating that” you can have whatever you want in life” it did tickle my funny bone. Picture it, we ran out of pay check with three weeks still left in the month and I’m hearing “you can have whatever you want”. What dream world did this author ( Robert Collier , The Secret of the Ages ) live in! Well, did finish reading the book. Than laid it on a shelf for many months, and in moments of deep frustration and “poor me” thinking, the bible and that book came into play. Not going to talk bible things at this point, but needed to reference authors that did have more credence with me, at the time. There were other mind bogglers that I took with a grain of salt, when reading them. ( enter a new style of research ) When I read the words of The Master Jesus, stating “These things that I do, so shall ye , do”, I could only shake my head in disbelief. I’m having problems reaching the end of the month , money wise, and am being told that I can or should be able to raise the dead, change water to fine wine, walk on water, feed a multitude of people with a couple fish and so on. Back to the book. Now a thought is there, is the Master Jesus a liar or did he speak the truth? If the Truth was spoken by The Master Jesus, maybe, just maybe, Collier has a good thing going, concept wise. "Having dared to step out of the box of religious dogma, authors of other germane titles were added to my changing beliefs and growing library. Will, in a future post list the titles and authors that highly influenced my thinking. Looking into my past activities, I would now say, that my " fine tuning processes " commenced with the reading of both, the bible and "The Secret of The Ages".

More to come


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