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Monday, February 18, 2008

# 32 What! Angels Talking To Me!

What ! Angels Talking To Me!
For starters lets clarify some meanings:
WordNet Dictionary
Definition: [n] the relation that exists when things occur at the same time.
[and sayings I've read about]
When the student is ready... the lesson appears.
(and another)
When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

So what is this all about! Had an unusual dream about the book "Our Ultimate Reality", In this dream I was reading some directory files. While I do see printed material in dreams, never have been able to actually read those entries, until last night! This all was so real that it woke me up from dreaming.
[Was more to the dream, not detailed here.]
But the gist of the dream was "I was able to actually read the files in the dream". Even more to my surprise, "I was aware in the dream, that I never before was able to read text in a dream". So while in my sleep, and dreaming, AND reading the text, certain questions came to mind. So I contacted the books author, with the questions from my dream. Now the good part. The author stated that "yes, what I had asked, was indeed, a matter he had, had under consideration for a possible future project".
Now I'm left with a "what is this all about, reading text in a dream, contacting the books author about it, and it being a valid situation, from a person that I've never met, but whose interesting books I've read."
Why I ask myself, did this happen, but no answers were popping up. A few days later, I'm doing an online search for another project, and below the topic I was ready to click open, was an offer for some free ebooks within the scope of my interests. A dozen ebooks were listed.
I spot one free offer of "What Happens When You Talk To Angels".
Only recently have I given any thought to Angels, due the recent passing of my son, and my intense desire to make contact with him. So I click the title open, and quickly see the text that gives me my "AHAA', about what may be taking place.

[With permission from the author, Debby Taylor ]
"Each of us is born with an internal guidance system. Some refer to it as intuition, instinct or sixth sense. Perhaps input comes through a flash of insight, through a hunch, through an image that appears on the screen of your mind during silent contemplation, meditation, or through a dream. Your inner guidance system also includes the capacity for spiritual listening that can yield a dialogue between you and friends in non-physical realms. This two-way exchange of information can be with any of God’s conversationalists, including guardian angels, your soul, deceased relatives or friends, and other spiritual mentors from Beyond. It is intrinsically human to receive guidance from heavenly friends that love and support you."
"What is it actually like to receive verbal communication from an angel? Despite the universality of the aptitude to listen spiritually, the particulars of reception can vary from person to person. You might hear words that enter your mind like a subtle, fleeting thought. Initially, a message could be so subtle that you might not be able to distinguish it from your own mind. Some people experience angel messages in a steady stream similar to prose, or similar to a lecture from a scholar. Some people get sentence fragments. You might hear a message while simultaneously seeing an image on the screen of your mind. A written message might move in a line across the screen of your mind like words on a computer screen saver. Some receive a feeling similar to a flash of insight, a gut feeling or a hunch. In a subsequent chapter, I further delineate experiences that are common in the beginning stages of spiritual listening (Experiences Which Are Common Among Beginners).
Occasionally, I have heard a person say he heard his name called when no one else was physically present."
"In the previous chapter, I suggested that messages are perceived in a variety of ways. Perception comes through psychic senses. Sometimes, two or three psychic senses converge simultaneously. You might hear a message while a visual image is presented on the screen of your mind. A written message might be delivered like words streaming across a computer screen saver. You might receive a clear flash of insight, a gut feeling or a vague hunch, alone or with other senses." [this is only part of the original book, check out the site below]

So now here we have synchronicity in full action, I love it, seeing it happen like this, along with "When the student is ready... the lesson appears." Nothing I could say, would truly reflect that joy which I'm feeling now, knowing that my study of one Spiritual evolution book and a free ebook on Angels, appearing in my life at this time, leading me to thank that Angels patience with me, and guiding me gently through the maze of my sorrow, to a greater understanding of God, life, death and Angels.

Thank you Debby Taylor and Adrian Cooper for the excellent material.

[Debby Taylor's free ebook on Angels ]
[Debby Taylor site]

[Adrian Coopers site]
After receiving countless requests, I am absolutely delighted to announce the availability of my book, Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind in paperback format. I would just like to mention that the paperback can be ordered from directly from the home page of my site:
And full details of the book are available as usual at:


Anonymous said...

The Angels which Dana calls our Guides can exude warmth through their caring embraces, be it words in sleep, or sometimes words in real time.
I have had two dreams of your younger man one bearing a gift for me, and the other bearing a gift for all of us to treasure the other.
I have been startled once by his voice in awake time whereby he gave a one word answer to some things being mulled over.

Kate said...

I thought it inspirational that you said "[I] thank the Angels patience with me, and guiding me gently through the maze of my sorrow, to a greater understanding of God, life, death and Angels."
I quoted this in my blog:
Psychic Sedona

Debra Taylor said...

Talker, my email address is

Vincent Luis Harris said...

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Deb Taylor said...

I am the author of "What Happens When You Talk To Angels".

My web address changed to

My email is

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