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Saturday, October 20, 2007

# 29 Who Is That In The Mirror!

Once upon a time, so far back, it seems it may have been another lifetime. But no, it was that period of time, I had become aware of hypnosis, scrying, and other little variances, I read about. So being of a curious mind, did do various experiments, that in that time slot, were considered, some what weird in nature. The word psychic just never entered normal conversation.
Back in those days, prior to the Web, one either heard, or read about those, weird by nature things. Did accumulate a bunch of added Hail Marys and Our Fathers, to say/pray, when in the confessional, and I would wake up the priest hearing my confession from his reverie, by what was being confessed. Oh lordy, would he be be jumping in the confessional, if it were done today.

Don't actually recall the precise author of what triggered my curiosity at the time, but off I went. Some thing to do with past lives and how to see those past life faces. Will only do a rough outline, on what I did, setup wise. OK, seems a darkened room was a requisite, and naturally a mirror large enough to view ones head in the reflection. So various methods of small lamps, no lamps, votive size candles, reflected light, ambient light and so on. Now if you think it feels crazy trying those things, consider what ones family is thinking, while your off in a corner doing the woo-woo thing. Hypnosis at that time, was always about deep trance, eyes closed. So that was out. Needed eyes open, for what I wanted to do. So light trance, or what is now called the deep relaxed state, entered the experiment. Keep in mind that this was all trial and error. Many were the times I would bust out laughing at what I was trying and doing. Of course this was spread out over many weeks of experimentation, on an, on/off cycle. Some time periods were 30 or so minutes. Other periods would slip into an hour or more. Had absolutely no idea of what to expect or what the heck I was supposed to "see". Don't recall the total length of months involved, doing this silly thing, but believe it was at least two months. Once the light and props seemed right, came the very boring part. Sit and look at the reflection in the mirror. Could only do it a few minutes at a time at first. Now force myself to gaze for a longer period of time. Well, the forcing only caused a stress energy, so had to relax more and sneak in a longer gazing session. Many times it would have been easy to just forget it all, and just quit. Than one session, I had a " oops, what was that ". Imagination of course, I said. Nothing more for a few sessions, and than " pow ". It did get interesting. Am I going to say more about it, nope, don't want to influence you in any way. Get you're own "oops" experience.
Did get curious on what the Web might show these days.
So did a brief roam. Couple of them were: