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Friday, February 2, 2007

# 16 Natal Chart - Now and Then - and Why Blog !

My "Babbler" raised the question again, of the numerous blogs, I maintain. So I asked myself the same question, "why", do I do it. Numerous reasons cropped up that could have been the real reason of doing the blogs. Many human qualities came to mind, vanity, ego (LOL), and a few others that didn't ring true. So I did what I frequently do, when faced with a situation like this. I pulled my old copy of a natal chart print out and re-read it. Of course, I was cherry picking, looking for what could apply to the question posed here. For what it's worth, here are my cherry pickings:

(Ascendant is Cancer) is in the Second Decan/-sensitivity toward creative expression))

(Sun is in Gemini) a nonconformist seeking new and exciting lifestyle, especially if you can talk about them-easily depressed and need several ongoing interests to keep you happy))

([Sun is in the 12th House] your activities center on serving the needs of others, often from behind the scenes)

([Sun is Squared to Uranus] your insistence on having your own way, which often seems eccentric)

(Mercury is in the First House) your daily activities usually requires that you express yourself by talking and by writing))

([Mercury is Sextile to Venus] you have literary and artistic abilities)

([Mercury is Trine to Uranus] you learn to trust and follow-up on your intuitive hunches,- you enjoy study of scientific subjects,)

(Mars is in the ninth house) your activity centers on the pursuit of higher wisdom))

Was quite interesting rereading my natal chart, in the present moment, and seeing what parts were valid, in relation to what was stated at that time.It was many years ago, then I wrote the following:
"Ones natal Horoscope does not "predict" what you're going to be like. This is so frequently misunderstood. You're reading is merely saying "at the time of conception or birth, these are the planetary influences you were in endowed with".There is severe controversy on so many aspects of astrology, that it boggles ones mind to wade through the Pro and Con of it all. I make no case for or against astrology. The system and methodology I follow is also up for grabs. Draw your own conclusions based on the gut reaction. Some traits may only indicate that given the right conditions, "here is what could" take place."
I may be biased, but I would say that there was a high percentage of hits. Whether this is just a fluke or a one in a billion "coincidence", I'm pleased with its accuracy.

I should know, for I have lived it.
So for the original question, I guess I do Blogs for the pleasure of doing it, and sharing, with whomever cares to read it, the good, the bad, and the indifferent, experiences of life.

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