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Sunday, February 18, 2007

# 17 Psychic Related Notes Recovered

Have recovered some notes, that went into the way one "feels" when "recognition sets in" regards "coincidences" in ones life. Did delete some names and correct errors from the original spelling, done a few years back. These were posted on a site that was deep into the "unusual events in ones life".
I do use various pen names according to the frame of mind I'm in, and blog I'm posting too. Have deliberately, not posted, techniques and practices used. At this time am not inclined to do so. Future, maybe !
This is what was said:
Finding of these sites that are beyond the mundane are most welcome. It is going to be a new experience, being able to converse with others that have also traveled along these not so mundane paths. Will need to research my notes and refresh my memory, regards the unusual events, that were, seemingly , unexplainable at the time they took place. Where to start. At what point does one actually realize that "odd things" are happening, and in some manner, this "odd thing" is no longer a coincidence. Is some what mind boggling, and shakes up ones belief factors. Have always had a deep sense "some thing is lacking" in my existence, but could not pin any thing down to a specific. Belief factors waxed and waned. Solid foundations from childhood are being shaken-up. What is taking place! As doors are opened and other teachings with what seems radically different, from that which one grew up with, causes internal conflict. Receptivity to the new, is easy for some. In my case, it was two steps forward and five steps backward, belief wise. So now, my mental doors doubt started opening and closing at around seven years of age. Lots of water over, under and around the bridge since those days.
Once my research was under way, some semblance of "this could be" set in. In that this Forum is about ( changed the forums name here)"psychic awareness", can only say , that is what I mentally came into. Nothing earth shaking of course, but for me it was a step forward with no backward steps. Do I hear some one saying, "who wants to hear about your back ground ?" I think its important to know that I wasn't born with a natural ability for the things talked about in this forum. No bolt of lightening, no bump on the head or things one hears about, that caused one to have "unusual abilities". Just plain research and practice, with an open mind. No longer concerned with the "raised eyebrow", of what I say or do. For some reason , I was locked into the belief, that only "special" kinds of people were gifted . It is a relief to know that "I" can also share and function, using those acquired gifts. It is my desire to offer hope to any, along the theme of this forum, that find it difficult to believe in what is read there. Will get down to the nitty-gritty of things experienced in future posts.
- Today at 01:09 Time Frame:
Gas for the car, was 5 gallons for a buck.
You felt good,when the hourly rate went from 0.575 way up to .675. ( that's less than tax on a Whopper and fries today) Family started, beat up old rusty Chev. Big dream was to own a home and get away from the cranky landlords While there were a number of "odd" books coming into my awareness, (at that time), that started the "new belief factors", one did and still does stand out. "The Secret Of The Ages". Deep thought and a tremendous shake-up of belief factors. Wow, that's radical thinking. Give it a whack! ( was now crossing the taboo lines of my religion ) Had spotted a home that was up for sale, that ran along the lines of my "dream Home". Applied what I had read in the book. Numerous miscues, ups, downs, frustrations, dare to dream it, forget it, recall it, and finally "stick to it". Ah, sweet success. Yes, there is more to the tale here, but it DID happen, under impossible circumstances at the time. Have kept this as short as I was able too, but would do another post with nitty-gritty fill-in details, if anyone was interested in reading it?

(Anther's reply to my above post)
Ancient One, I must say that you have opened the doorway for RI in almost every respect here. Would it be possible (and if you really did wish to do such a thing) for you to document the incorporated steps/procedures in how you did accomplish this? At this time I myself am doing such things as documenting how I feel anyone can also do such things. You may even find better and faster ways to RI, as you do document it all in greater details. If so, maybe we could compare notes on such ways of RI, in order to perfect such skills? Do you feel that you are a natural at doing RI, then? Well given the fact that (like me) you had to open your mind a bit before doing so.
(some entry's deleted by me)
Very happy to hear from everyone here in such ways. And waiting to see the day when such talk is open for all of the world to join in.
Ancient One
- Today at 16:41 As Seth would say ,"Greetings, I freely share with you ,those blessings , I am free to share.
(some entry's deleted by me)
Point of clarification needed here, on that first "Dream House" experience. While I had related some specifics as regards feelings and conditions that prevailed , there were prior "coincidences" that in introspection, were actually of the same nature, but on a minute scale, unrecognized by me at the time. Showing in that post, was what I consider "the turning point in awareness". No, never considered myself as a "natural" in that sense of the word, but am delving deeper into that aspect, as a matter of interest. So yes, am already capturing the nitty-gritty details of the "how" it came to pass. Doing the write-up off line though, so I can be more specific and accurate. Have found that many of the "unusual" books, created far to many unanswered questions and conditions that were troublesome to me. Just the knowing of ( for others ) the prevailing conditions and attitudes experienced along the way,may prove helpful. Not sure at this moment when the posting will take place as I am needed out on the West coast ( another story ) for a number of weeks.
Ancient One

- Today at 18:21 ( name deleted), along the same lines of the topics being read here, I had reached various "stick" points. Having no one to talk with, that was willing to step out of the "box" thought wise, did build internal stress and conflict. So I did start a Blog, to hard copy my thoughts. Have found that even though one "thinks" they are aware of their belief factors, its not necessarily, what they actually believe. During what I call "my research" have found that "what I thought, I believed in, was not what I wrote as hard copy. Question became, "why the variance?" and where did it come "from". At this point coupled with other research, "free will", became an issue with me. An issue that was a troublesome conflict internally. If one "can" have anything they desire, yet its not happening as "worked",where and what ,is the "block"! So anyway, here are some thoughts on that. ( Note: During my write-up for my Blog and before doing the Post, I received the shown below "coincidence". Hmmm, whats at work here! )

( from my Blog )
Free Will - Truth or Fiction

Where to start and arrange the words and subjects covered into a congruous read! Honestly, and unfortunately, there will be no solution, no real answers, regards topics covered. Everything presented here is abstract speculation. Metaphysics, religion, God, Higher Power, spirituality, and reality are mainly speculation.
One would think that at least reality could be understood. We experience it every day. Watch it though, seems that scientists have now found that quantum physics, indicates, that what we experience as our world, is not what we think it is. Still trying to sort this one out. Will at this time, leave out most of reality talk, for another post. Part of ones reality seems to include "free will". That leads to choices and decisions. For instance, one can cheat, lie, harm another or purchase a purple and orange suit for dress up. Perhaps you helped care for a hurt animal or bird, maybe risked you life to help save a person in trouble. Even donated some cash to a charity while behind in paying the rent. So you made a decision and a choice. What you did was free will in action , right, or was it!
One classical complaint regards free will, is mentioned in the bible. If your interested go to Romans 7:15-24. So now one needs to ask, does one truly have "free will". This can be quite troublesome in ones life. Is there an explanation to this seeming paradox? Yes and no, are both in action here, at least it seems to be so. Have over time really pondered this issue. Also seems that others have looked into this issue. I've listed one site, that has gone into the subject quite well. It makes sense, but how to prove it, still remains an issue with me. Is it even possible to verify in any way? While I do have beliefs on this subject, will need to pursue it further.
With the best of intentions, I include:
With permission, this is a quote from "Light Whispers" newsletter.


Did you know…your life can be written in stone and that you may actually have little or no free will? The events that you must experience may be so defined that no matter what you choose to do, the Spirit Guides will manipulate the situations and circumstances so that you end up doing what was written (which is often not what you thought would happen). You cannot change what is written. Did you know…you may have a lot of free will on your life path? It may not matter what you choose to experience in your life. If your spiritual goals and life blueprint do not have events that “must happen” for you to learn what you have chosen, you may be able to do what you want throughout your life.
Did you know…different areas or aspects of your life might allow for different amounts of free will? That means that you may have a lot of free will when it comes to your job or career and you may have little or no free will when it comes to your romantic relationships. Each aspect of life is unique and the amount of free will that you have within that aspect depends on what you are here to accomplish in life.
Did you know…you decide prior to being born what events will take place in your life and how much free will you will have during your lifetime? There is no one to blame for the experiences that you have or do not have in your life – you chose and agreed to have them.
Did you know…if you have a lot of free will, when you make a decision it will affect your life blueprint and you will sit down in Spirit with your Guides and Teachers and make the necessary adjustments to your life path as you go?
Did you know… One decision can affect other aspects of your life and that can affect predicted outcomes. That is why when you get a reading, your actions or decisions can change the outcomes of the reading. If you have no free will then what you have been told will come true when it is time.
That you can find out if you how much free will you have in certain aspects of your life by

clicking here.

Seems this link is dead:
So It is and came to pass
Ancient One

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