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Monday, April 30, 2007

# 20 Bending God and free Audio downloads

Check this site out. Here you will be able to download free audio and Ipod material that will be along the lines of solid training material,that took me many years of searching to locate anything as good as this material is. I bought hard copies of the books "The Handbook of the Navigator" and Bending God". You can download a free copy of "Navigator", and the other may soon be available, also free. Would be delighted to hear from you, after you checked it out. Be ready to have you chain rattled, and beliefs shook up.


Anonymous said...

wow! awesome site with some incredible information! i'm going to download the free copy of the handbook of the navigator. where can i get the book bending god?

The Talker said...

The Talker said...
Hi Anonymous ,
Thanks for leaving the comment. As yet, there is no free copy of "Bending God", but you can buy a copy at:

Be sure to keep an open mind, on what you read and start to feel, when checking out the books and places I list in my posts. If you are a deeply religious person, many written things WILL rattle your chain. But do keep looking and reading,as much will become clearer, over a little time.
Do come back and make further comments, on what and how you experience, that, which you are finding as you delve deeper into these matters.

August 10, 2007 5:14 PM