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Friday, July 20, 2007

# 21 Worst Psychic Lull Period To Date

# 21 Worst Psychic Lull Period To Date
-This is my first effort to snap out of my dolorous doldrums. The past few months were anything but pleasant. Experiencing the loss of my son, has been devastating. The moments of sadness and love are still shared and experienced by the family, see:
Have pretty much kept it all bottled up. Still need to open the door and face reality here. When I'm ready it will happen. So, while checking my e-mail, and not paying much attention to anything in particular, am not sure how I wound up at a website called "Tickle". This site has numerous tests for determining ones ESP level. The least thing, on my mind, was my ESP level. Almost clicked away from it, but thought maybe this will help refocus my thoughts. My heart was not really into doing this. But I did it, at warp speed , just to get it over with, and with the thought in mind, my score would be "forget it". Now a screen pops up and says for $9.95, I can get the full report. I thought" that's nice", and clicked away. But a few days later there is an e-mail stating there is a way to get it free.
( No, I'm not going to tell you )

Anyway, I was rather surprised at the scores ( LOL ). All in all it was a nicely detailed report, and in retrospect, would have been worth the $9.95. How reliable these reports are, I'm not sure, but it sure did reflect, and quite well at that, that, which I know "is there".
Yes, I do feel somewhat better for having done this.
If interested, here is the site:

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