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Friday, August 24, 2007

# 23 Relax and Let Go: The Easy Way

Well now , what do we have here!
This a free download of an excellent mp3, 30 minute audio called the Zapper. It is free, and I would willingly have paid for it, had I known what was on it , that is better understood, once listened too. I also see a further use for it, due to what was experienced, while listening to the program. Am by the way a long time user, of Dick Sutphens material, whose voice is on the program. Be sure to read the page linked to, as there is another free offering.
Do come back and let me know your, experience with this.
May your health and wealth prosper
Be Well


Laura said...

Hello, regards of Portugal. Braga...

The Talker said...

Laura , am pleased you left a comment. Keep in touch. If any questions on topics, get back here to ask, OK.
Be Well

Diana Cancela said...

looks like Im a lucky person ´cause im able to read and understand your words:)

The Talker said...

Thanks for posting. Yes,I would enjoy knowing and speaking other languages. There are so many interesting sites, But language is a problem. I leave a short note in the hopes of it being understood. Many beautiful sites and yours was one of them. Thank you for that.

byde said...

hello Talker
I am so pleased to be able to have seen your blog for numerous reasons, including that I read a couple of your help comments in a forum and followed on. I am inspired.

The Talker said...

Thank you byde, for the kind words, and the posting of them. Yes, I do post on specific forums, for my own reasons.