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Friday, September 14, 2007

# 27 The American Monk & Talker's Babbler

Yo Talker, it's me Babbler, got a few minutes for me? OK, Babbler, few minutes for what! Did you see Burt Goldman's material being offered, Babbler asks . Yes, I did, is my reply. Well, say some thing about it, comes back Babbler's voice. Well, as mentioned in another post, I had trained with Burt, decades ago. Part of the Silva seminars at that time. Did read on an Amazon comment, that Burt's material in a recently published book ( 2003 ) The Power of Self Mind Control
( ISBN 0-9724014-7-4 ) , is ancient and rehashed material. Maybe we should forget about the teachings of Jesus, Allah, and the Buddha! ( did I get that right! ) Have read Burt's book, and it is a neat review of many exercises, that were taught at the sessions. Yes, in light of all the super hype and fancy advertisements, one could say " ancient " material, but consider now, just " who " is now doing the rehash bit, to give a new look to " ancient teachings "! Read all you want on psychic training, if you don't focus on the basics and "practice, practice, and more practice ", it is an iffy situation. Special music for brain entrainment, is what is new, and useful, but the music used alone, gives a new tool, without directions on how to properly use it, in your new skill. Anyway, be sure to check out the link below. Do come back and post a comment on your experience with it.

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